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Letter to father asking for advice about class schedule, drawing numbers to pick rooms for next year, archery practice, and Freshman class meeting by Charles River aqueduct.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 18 May, 1911. Dear Papa,- Your attitude toward the question of my electives was about as I expected it would be. But I looked out for the music and Lit all right. I neglected, however, to tell you that we may, by getting permission of the department, postpone our Bible until Junior and Senior years. This is what Miss Bliss suggested and what I would do if I took Math, making the following schedule: [page 2] Eng. Comp 2 hrs Lit 3 ” Astron. 3 ” Musical Theory 3 ” Math 3 ” Total 14 hrs. which is enough if I take practical music. But seeing you prefer me to omit Math, I think I will do something else, about like this: Bible 2 hrs Eng Comp 3 ” Lit 3 ” Astron. 3 ” Musical T. 3 ” Total 14 ” The three hours in English Comp being a different course from the regular required one, a little more thorough I think. [page 3] There is plenty to think about nowadays besides electives. This afternoon we drew for numbers for our next years’ rooms. Esther got 192 and I 290. K. Gage was one of the lucky ones- she has 15. We don't have to hand in our choices right away so there’s some comfort. We both went to see Miss Conant yesterday and got information about our Lit I. I may have to spend some perfectly good money getting books for it, but they’re books that it will be nice to have always. Had an archery call-out this afternoon, with rigorous coaching by a man from Boston, I hope to get there some day, but my! There's a lot to it! We had a class meeting this [page 4] morning at 6.15, over by the aqueduct (about a mile off) to practise our class song and a few others. We have another one tomorrow at the same time. Steps-singing and C.A. take up every evening, with a play Saturday night. Had a test in Botany this morning, but, oh joy! we had a cut in Hygiene. Have piles to do for tomorrow and only an hour and a quarter to do it in, so must stop. With love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Athletics and Physical Education;Buildings and Grounds;Faculty, Staff and Administrators;Student Life


Roommates; Archery; College student government; Stepsinging; Crofton House; Charles River

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her father, 1911 May 18



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