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Letter to parents describing her schedule over the past few days, Christian Association elections, the Tercentenary of the King James Bible, dinner at the Inn, receiving a package of clothes and a check, and possibly needing to buy items for archery.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 23 April, 1911. Dear people,-’ The Sundays get shorter all the time, instead of longer. Today has been worse than ever. It is now nine p.m. We returned from chapel a few minutes ago. The history of the day is as follows: Arose at 8.00 a.m., Breakfast at 8.30, Prayers 9.00-9.30, followed by visiting and leap frog in the lower hall, 9.30-10.30 dressed and put up three hooks in our closet. 10.30-12.30, church, (sermon very good). 1:00-2.00 dinner, with a guest, my new cousin [page 2] Sarah Parker. 2.00-4.00, our table went up in Dorothy Straine’s room for after-dinner coffee. Had a wonderful time. She has been abroad so much that her room is full of curiosities, 4:00-6.00, took a walk to the other end of the lake and back, very nice. 6:00-6.30, supper and music. 6.30-8.30, chapel, - musical vespers and special observance of the Bible Tercentenary. I'm a little tired tonight and long to get to bed. But I will write this first. Friday afternoon the Christian Association President for next year was elected,- Elizabeth Hart. There was cheering and speeches, although not so much as for S.I. officers. Archery had a meeting that afternoon, at which we were told a few rules and other information, and learned how to string up a bow and how [page 3] to hold it for shooting. I think it's going to be interesting, although not very strenuous. There are some nice girls in the sport too. Yesterday afternoon I had a nice nap while trying to write my theme. The house was unusually quiet for Saturday afternoon. When Esther came home she propounded the idea that she and Gagie and I should go to the Inn for dinner. Of course we were delighted, so we dressed up and sported down there. We had a good dinner and lots of fun watching the people. We had a table in one of the alcoves. The Inn is certainly a very lively place, and gives one a very pleasant idea of college. We are living in anticipation of the opera we are to hear Wednesday afternoon. Il Trovatore you know. We read the story in the book, so feel quite well prepared for it. [page 4] The package of clothes arrived yesterday afternoon. That's certainly making good time isn't it? Thank you so much for all the trouble of getting it ready. The checked suit will be very handy now while the weather is cool, as my sweater looks quite badly. Shall I get a new one at once? Or have this one cleaned? The new gingham fits nicely I think. I think I can send my skirt home next week if I don't happen to be going in to Boston there. Thanks very much for the check. I think it will last till I come home, unless some unusual expense turns up. I may have to buy bow and arrows for archery. When my laundry comes back, will you please enclose all the duplicate prints of our European pictures that happen to be around? I think there were some in Green’s History. I want to show them to Esther. With much love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Athletics and Physical Education;Buildings and Grounds;Student Life


College student government; Dinners and dining; Money; Archery; Crofton House; Lake Waban

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her parents, 1911 April 23



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