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Letter to mother describing hot weather, attending church, supper at the Inn, concert with other Crofton students, selecting songs for stepsinging, cutting class to study, upcoming garden party, and roommate plans for next year.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 21 May, 1911. Dear Mamma,- I never saw such hot weather, except in Washington last summer. This afternoon everybody was stretched out in night clothes, in search of comfort. Tonight it is as bad as ever. And not the least of it is that I took a bath and couldn't find very many clean clothes to put on. I do hope the weather improves, or we won't be able to do anything this week. Esther leaves Saturday afternoon, and she has her work for all the rest of [page 2] the year to do before that time. It is a strenuous proposition certainly. Church this morning was Episcopal and very warm. The man seemed real earnest though. I sat where I could see Mr. Macdougall, which I enjoyed most of all. Tonight the speaker was Dr. Hugh Black, but we arrived late and had to sit outside on the steps, so I don't know what he said. Esther was quite crazy about him. We went to the inn for supper in honor of her birthday, which is Friday. Had some dandy chicken salad and ice cream. But we had to wait so long that it made us late for chapel. Oh I wish you could see this place now. It is the most beautiful spot I ever saw. The lilacs scent the [page 3] air, and the spireae vanhoutei [mis-spelling: spiraea vanhouttei] are masses of white. Today after dinner we had a concert: everybody in Crofton performed. It was quite a novelty. I had Gladys Gorman here, but we couldn't get her to do anything. Mildred had a guest too, Anna Summer, 1912, who is to be the Crofton seenior [mis-spelling: senior] next year. She seems nice, but not as nice as Mildred. I was asked to serve on a committee to pick out a step-song to sing at the Step-Song Competition next week. It met this after noon. I felt rather out of place, as other girls were all of the sporty bunch, but managed to get in a word once in a while. The Barn play last night was very good. We got home early enough to go down town afterwards. [page 4] Tomorrow morning at nine o’clock we have a class meeting to talk about Tree Day, also a rehearsal every morning in the week at 7.45. I cut English Comp yesterday (for the first time, I think), and did Math and History. The girls tell me I didn't miss anything. In the [deletion: Janet] afternoon Janet and I worked in our garden, weeding it, putting in a couple of new plants, and planting some more lettuce, as what we had didn't come up. Our [illegible: onions?] didn't come up either, so I'm afraid you won't get any. We have had lots of flowers out of it, though, and have some nice radishes now. Tomorrow night ten of us who are Miss Bliss' advisees are going to have her down to dinner. We are [page 5] going to sit together at one table, and call it a “garden party”. We are going to have radishes to eat out of our gardens, and decorate the table with pansies, forget-me-nots, and tulips, from the same place. You see we all have Miss Bliss in Botany, so we thought it would be appropriate to do it that way. How about the enlargement? Did you get it? I want to have it here by Friday if possible, so she (Esther) can see it before she goes, then I will have it framed as she wants it, while she is gone. I was somewhat surprised to see in the paper that Papa was in Albany. I'm rather offended that he didn't come out to see me, if only for a day or so. [page 6] Wednesday we have required Eng. Comp lecture in Billings by Mr. Macdougall, on music. Won’t that be nice? I mustn’t write any more now, as it is time to go to bed. With lots of love Mary P.S. The question of roommates has been settled, for another year at least. Esther and I will be together, by mutual consent. That is, she has seemed to want to all the time and I haven't [deletion: dared] had to ask her about it. It is another question where we will be. We wanted to go to the quad, but our numbers aren’t good enough. We think that there isn't any chance [page 7] except in College Hall or Stone. Of course, of the two we should prefer College. The worst of it is that we won't know till September, where we will be. Some of the other girls want to go with us to make up a bunch, but we haven't decided about that either. Crofton is going to be pretty well split up next year.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Buildings and Grounds;Student Life;Religion and Spirituality


Concerts; Singing; Roommates; Parties; Tree Day; Crofton House; College Hall; Stone Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 May 21



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