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Letter home about next year's class schedule; visit from roommate's cousin from Yale; trip into Boston, including stop at Touraine Hotel, getting a shoe shine, purchasing opera tickets, and shopping; attending Alice in Wonderland Barnswallows dance; and selection of roommate's cheer for the class of 1914.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 16 April, 1911. Dear People,- The letter, check, and other correspondence arrived yesterday and I was very glad of them. Papa's letter to the Dean was interesting and very like him. I hadn’t realized that he told her so much about me. She was very businesslike and cool about it but I expected such from what I had heard of her. I have found from the Calendar that the Musical Theory only takes two hours a week, so I can take three hours or something else, if I can't take six of Lit. I am undecided yet as to what that shall be, but there is plenty [page 2] of time left to think about it. I'm so sorry about the influenza. Have you been going without your rubbers, or wearing lowshoes without spats? It's very dangerous you know. Tuesday A.M. Well, who would think that I couldn't even get a letter written to my family on Sunday? But I went to supper and after that I had to get ready to go to vespers, as Esther’s cousin Ros came and went with us. He is from Yale, happens to be visiting at West Newton just now. He didn't arrive till nearly seven so we were late and had to sit way over in the door. The music was beautiful, even nicer than at Christmas Time. Across the front of the altar was a mass of flowers and tall palms. I think the greenhouse must have been about emptied. [page 3] The attendance was good in the morning too, but the sermon, by a man from Cambridge, wasn't anything extra. Everybody wore spring suits, as it was a lovely day. I put on my new old rose for dinner. Saturday was one grand day. We planned to go into Boston and have a good time just walking around, although we didn't have many errands to do. So we took the 8.51 and spent the morning on the street. I got a white belt, and looked at white sweaters. The only ones we saw that looked very good, were $5.00 and $5.90. I wonder what I better do about it. Mine is getting rather dirty, as I have worn it every day [deletion: to] since vacation. Before getting your letter I had [page 4] already planned to send that skirt home. The tailors in Boston will not fix it for less than three dollars, which I certainly wouldn't pay. I think that Rockwell's ought really to fix it, because they pretended to do it before and didn't. We had lots of fun grafting. We went into the Ladies’ Room at the Touraine to get fixed up, and Esther got one of the maids to brush her off. Then we went over to the Sorosis store and had a “shine” apiece. Of course we didn't pay them anything. Then we bought tickets for “Il Trovatore” next week and had lunch. I went in Oliver Ditsou’s to get some music paper and was nearly crazy to buy some other things I saw. I have to think as hard as I can about what you said to keep from buying everything [page 5] in sight. [deletion: So] In the afternoon Esther went to the theater with some people from Lynn and I came home and took a nap. I was awfully tired that day but I guess I'm rested some now. I'm intending to go to bed early tonight, as Esther is going out to dinner and I can get my work done while she is gone. Saturday night was a Freshman Barnswallows,- an Alice in Wonderland Dance. I rather hated to go you know, but I thought seeing it was my class I ought to, and I wanted to see the costumes. I remembered that bit of advice about do something for somebody, if out of sorts. etc. so I tried to see if I could make myself useful. Lois and I [page 6] spoke to one of the girls on the refreshment committee and told her that as we didn't dance, we would be glad to help if needed. Sure enough, pretty soon she came and asked us if we would begin washing the sherbet cups. So I spent the rest of the evening in the kitchen. It would have been fun enough, but there was nothing but ice cold water, and no wash cloth or towels of any kind. But we managed somehow to keep [deletion: in] pace with the demand. I had a good time out of it too, and was very glad I went. Some of the costumes were very clever. Esther went as a “pig baby”, and was the cutest thing on the floor, some said. Yesterday we had a little private [page 7] excitement. At a class meeting over at Noanett, the cheer, song, motto etc. were chosen, to be used Tree Day and ever afterwards. The cheer selected is one that Esther wrote! She and I each handed one in to the committee, but hers got it. I'm so glad I could fly. it goes like this: Wellésley! foúrteen! Hóorah Ráh! Níneteen foúrteen, Wéllesley! I had another exciting time all by myself. The song selected was one written by a girl, Florence Trask, who is here for a five years’ music course, and knows an awful lot about music. The song is awfully good, but when they played over I noticed that it ended up in a different key from the one in which it was written! Nobody else noticed it, [page 8] but I asked for the music and made sure that I was right. Of course I hated to dispute this girl's knowledge, but I would feel badly to have the song chosen and printed, the way it is. The upperclassmen and music department would surely criticize it. So I spoke to Gladys Gorman about it, and she told Florence Trask. I hope they get it fixed up, but I have done all I can about it. If the last line were changed, it would be all right. Must stop now and get ready to go up. With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Boston, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life;Tradition and Ritual


Travel; Dance; College freshmen; Tree Day; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her parents, 1911 April 16



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