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Letter to her mother describing Shakespeare Society rehearsal, the orchestra concert, and a visit from her sister Helen.


[image: Wellesley College seal] SIGILLVM COLLEGII WELLESLEIANI 1875 NON MINISTRARI SED MINISTRARE 28 Pomeroy Hall, 5 May, 1914 Dear Mother: Your card of apology is entirely adequate. I think one letter is enough for us both anyway. I have had a lazy day to-day but I think it's a good plan to rest my eyes. We had a rehearsal at S.S. this afternoon, and [illegible: France?] and I stayed and got supper there. Had soup, toast, potatoes, and coffee. Afterwards I called on people in [illegible]. It is very rainy today and no one feels like working. I did a little this [page 2] Morning. Yesterday was quite busy, as I feared. I had to make up some practising in the morning. Classes and orchestra rehearsal took up the afternoon till six o’clock, then I rushed home & dressed to get back to Phi Sigma for supper at 6:30. One of the girls invited us over there and it was real fun. Mr. and Mrs. Macdougal and Miss Wheeler were there of course and the men from Boston who played the extra parts. They were all very nice. I visited with the oboe player during supper. He lived in Buffalo once so we found something to talk about. The concert went off without a [page 3] hitch and we had quite a good audience. I have heard many compliments on it to-day. Helen came out and came up with Esther, then she walked home with me and took the trolley back. These clippings got left out of my Sunday letter by mistake. I wanted you to have the one about May Day so that I wouldn't have to explain it all. Down at the house to-day I found some music of mine which I supposed was burned up. It was that collection of ‘Forgotten Fairy Tales’ by Macdowell. I'm feeling much better and more ambitious now. My eye is all right, only I'm not using it much. Haven't done any Lit. for a [deletion: day] week or so. Must go to bed now. Most lovingly, Mary


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life


Shakespeare Society; Concerts; Wellesley College. Orchestra; Pomeroy Hall; Norumbega Cottage; Phi Sigma House

Letter form Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1914 May 5



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