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Letter to father about discussing academic plans with Dean, studying, student government elections, and hot cross buns at breakfast to mark Good Friday.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts,. 14 April, 1911. Dear Papa,- I was somewhat surprised to receive a note from the Dean the other day, asking me to come and see her during office hours. I might have known that it would be just like you to write her about my work, but the idea never occurred to me. But when I went in yesterday she had it all in her head what I wanted and everything concerned. She says that even if I should make History my six-hour major, it would [page 2] not be necessary to take the second course next year. So I could take Musical Theory next year and then decide which I wanted for the major. Whether I do English Lit this summer or not, I can take either one or two courses in it next year, although, she said, the Department might prefer that I should do the double work some other year. I didn't ask her if I could make up the Lit this summer because I want to find out more about it first. We have until the 27th of May to decide so I guess I can fix it up. Esther can't figure out what she is to take [deletion: an] so I have that to think about too. I am having a lovely time with the money question. I haven't drawn any since I came back and still have about five dollars of what you gave me. I'm too busy to go downtown so I don't have a chance to spend anything. There is too much going on here now to allow anyone to study [illegible] except once in a while for variety. Last night Esther and I varied matters a little by sitting up real late. I had a quizz to study for and three other lessons to do. We don't feel extra ambitious today but expect to make it up tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to cut the only class I have and have a good time in Boston. The Vice President and other officers of Student Government were elected yesterday. After the announcement everybody went down on the green in a procession for a romp and good time. [page 4] Good Friday was observed this morning by Hot Cross buns at breakfast. I had never had any before and so didn't know what they meant for quite a long while. There is to be a service in the chapel at 4:30 I think. Gym is over for the year and after next week the sports will commence. I expect it will be much more interesting. I'm writing this in French class but must stop now and go to History. With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Academics;Religion and Spirituality;Student Life


Examinations; College student government; Good Friday; Bread; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her father, 1911 April 14



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