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Letter to her mother describing a visit from her sister Helen and two men and the initiation ceremony for Phi Beta Kappa; and discussing plans for the next year.


28 Pomeroy Hall, Wellesley. 10 May, 1914 Dearest mother: It is with much weariness of [illegible: limb] that I indite this. This morning Dorothea, [illegible], and I, went for a picnic breakfast at “Cathedral Pines”, two or three miles from here. We ate on the bank of the river and read stories aloud. When we got back I didn't feel like going to dinner, so I had a tray, undressed and red the Outlook peacefully. Was just getting ready to go to sleep when Helen walked in, saying she had brought Mr. Cox and Mr. Piper out to see me. So I dressed, got permission to entertain the men, and we sallied forth. We made a tour of the campus and the lake, arrived at South Natick [deletion: the] in time for tea; then came back to chapel the long way, which took an hour and twenty minutes’ fast walking. [page 2] We missed some of the service but heard the music. They didn't stay long afterwards, as Helen was out late last night. You see I feel like sleeping a good lot. I hope, though, that I won't oversleep, because we have a play rehearsal at eight o’clock a.m. We have one yesterday, and it was great fun. Everything is so much more real when we do it outdoors, and yesterday there wasn't any wind to bother us. Friday night was a very nice occasion. We initiates didn't have to make speeches or anything. The ceremony itself was simple; Dr. Lockwood lovely in manner. There we shook hands around for a while, after which we sat down for speeches. They're usually has been a swell banquet at the [illegible], but it was omitted this year on account of the fire, so we had the after - dinner speeches [page 3] without the dinner. Miss McDowell did especially well. We got home at quarter of eleven, - a special dispensation, you see. I am rather anxious now to have a key to wear. I am told that the smallest size is the official size for this chapter. Doctor Lockwood's plan for me is made to fit the circumstances, as I explained them to her. If Papa does not feel that there is any great probability of our going to Italy next spring, will he please let me know, so that I can be casting around some more? Miss Lockwood suggests that I make a systematic study of Italian next [illegible: winter?], - the literature she claims is fascinating, and by doing so I may [illegible] more thoroughly enjoy our trip there. I should come to Boston first, for a few weeks, get a good teacher, and master the grammar and pronunciation first. There I can go to my clamoring family and study by myself the rest of the time. Also, she says, if I decide to take an [illegible: W.A.?] somewhere the following year, a reading knowledge of Italian as well as of French and German would be great asset. What say you? Mr. MacDougall suggested to me at the concert that I have Mr. Foster pick me out another [deletion: illegible] violin. As he is playing all the time, [illegible] know of a good one not in a store. You might be thinking about that too. I hope Aunt Ella will have a restful visit there. But those busy Rosas! Lots of love, Mary


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Faculty, Staff and Administrators;Buildings and Grounds;Student Life


Phi Beta Kappa; Walking; Shakespeare Society; Theater; Pomeroy Hall; Lake Waban; Charles River

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1914 May 10



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