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Letter to mother about practicing stepsinging, MIT shows and prom, studying for exams, strict eating schedule for Sports class, Patriots' Day holiday with Boston Marathon passing through Wellesley, and laundry.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 20 April, 1911. Dear Mamma,-I am afraid you will think that your little daughter is neglecting you lately. I was so sorry not To get that Sunday letter done sooner, but I wrote to Grace Witter first, and by the time I wrote to you, it was supper time, and Monday I was busy all the time. I haven't written Florence for about two weeks and don't see any chance in sight yet. We have a Botany quizz tomorrow which I must prepare for by going to bed soon. This morning I got up at quarter of [page 2]six to go to a class meeting over at Noanett. But as it happened, the president had forgotten to get permission to have the meeting before the rising bell, so we had to go over to Webb. We practiced songs for step-singing, which commences the first of May. We couldn't even get in Webb at first, and had to stand out behind in the rain and sing. Fancy! I expected we would be sleepy in consequence but I, at least, haven't been. It rained most all day but cleared up this afternoon. Janet went in town to the Tech Show. I was looking through her program tonight and found William McEwen’s picture in it. Julia Snow now has been sick in bed for the last day or two, but all the same, she is planning to go to the Tech prom tomorrow night.[page 3] We aren't having gym or anything this week and it is perfectly blissful. I came home after my one-thirty class and got quite a lot of studying done. Math is my one joy. It's so much easier for me because I've had it before, and everybody in the house is running at me to ask questions. Next week we who are in sports will be “in training” and can't eat between meals, except ice cream. I wonder if it will be good for us. We have a meeting of Archery tomorrow afternoon, which is doubtless for organization or something of the sort.Yesterday was a holiday in Massachusetts, although the college didn't get anything off. “Patriot's Day” you know. There were exercises and a flag-raising somewhere in town here. [page 4]At one o’clock a Marathon race went through, and everybody flocked out to see it. It consisted of a lot of men running from Ashton to Boston. They strung thru here for nearly a half an hour, and were accompanied by a good many bicycles and automobiles. Esther says that the man who won, lost seven pounds. After spending about an hour down town, I decided to cut History lecture and have Esther wash my hair. She frizzed it up with her curlers and did it up a different way for dinner. Everybody liked it except me. I suddenly decided to send my laundry today because I discovered I was running short of clothes. The brassières seem to be all giving out, all of a sudden. I think I need one or two more. With love,Mary. P.S I can’t spare the skirt just now.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music; Athletics and Physical Education; Student Life; Tradition and Ritual


Singing; Examinations; Food habits; Patriots' Day; Boston Marathon; Stepsinging; Crofton House; Noanett House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 April 20



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