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Letter home about waking up to a snowstorm, vespers, wishing she could take music lessons, friend bringing a man to supper, realizing she is related to a classmate, attending an archery tea, and upcoming final exams and papers.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 9 April, 1911. Dear People,- This has been a slightly exciting day, but I guess it is just a combination of circumstances and not anything in particular. To begin with, we arranged to walk to South Natick this morning at half past six, and get our breakfast. When we arose, Wellesley was the most beautiful place you ever saw. Over everything, trees, houses, and bushes, was a beautiful blanket of snow, about four inches deep, and more coming all the time. Of course we didn't take our walk. [page 2] The weather has been very warm lately, so the snowstorm came as a kind of a surprise. But doubtless it will melt off tomorrow. It is needless to say that I didn't wear my spring suit and hat to chapel. There were a few straw hats there though, probably because the girls didn't have anything else to wear. I know several that stayed home on that account. The blizzard continued till dinner time but since then it has been nice. I wore my pink cape to vespers tonight. We had two sermons today by man from Albany. He reminded me of Will Hathaway. We had some heavenly fudge ice cream for dinner today. Anne and I had two dishes and the rest didn't. After dinner I played on my violin and also on the piano. I wish I could take [page 3] some piano lessons this summer too, so as to have some new pieces to play. I've played the Scarf Dance so much that it is worn out. Gomphie has a man tonight, some one from home. She brought him over to supper, and he spent the whole time during meal trying to get our names straight. Afterwards, in the parlor, he successfully identified almost all of us. But he called me “Rosy”. I told him I was, sometimes, and even “Risa” and “Rose”. Vespers is at seven and they started out at six. I guess they got there all right. Tomorrow she is going to show him the college et ses environs. After Chapel tonight I had quite a surprise. Sarah Parker, the girl who was on the train with me from Bath, came up to me as I was coming out and said, “Mary! I've made a [page 4] discovery about you! You're a cousin of mine!” After she spoke I remembered that I had relatives in Bath, but had never thought of them before. She said, “Wasn't your grandmother Sarah Rowland? Well, she and my grandmother were own cousins.” Naturally I was some surprised, for I never imagined I had a cousin in college. But I'm awfully glad, for she is a dear girl. When I got through talking with her I turned around and there was Delia Sackett! She is here visiting some Geneseo girls. Of course I was surprised to see her. She asked about you etc. and if I had heard from Mrs. Hallett. Of course I had to say that I hadn't. It made quite a reception all around. She introduced me to all the girls she was with and so did Sarah Parker. [page 5] Yesterday I went to that Archery Tea to which I was invited. I went with Slip. It was rather stiff and uninteresting but I suppose one can’t expect to have a good time at teas anyway. I met two or three girls that I liked quite well. I think we are going we are to [deletion: beig] begin Archery practise in a week or two. That is, if it even gets through snowing. Anyway, I wore my new suit. Esther says it needs more taking in over the hips. She doesn't think Will Hathaway did much to it. I don't know whether to take it to a tailor in Boston, or what. She doesn't think I ought to wear it clear into June, the way it is. I had to go down to the Express office and sign in the book, before my laundry could be sent up. Consequently it didn't get here till yesterday morning. [page 6] The dresses are perfectly all right and Esther is crazy about them. I hope the gingham dress and checked suit can be sent soon, as I may need them if the weather continues warm. We found out yesterday about our June exams. They commence on Tuesday, June sixth, and mine all come the first week, so I will be through on Saturday. That makes it nice about going to Syracuse, but I may want to stay here for Float night, which is Tuesday the 13th. I don't know exactly what to do about it. Did I tell you that we are to have “final papers” in Hygiene instead of an exam? It has never been done before and seems awfully queer. But I rather like the idea myself. [page 7] “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party”. And so I think I better go to bed now. We have a class meeting tomorrow at two o’clock and are thinking of cleaning out our closet, so there will be plenty doing. Miss Swift is away over Sunday. Her brother is very ill and she thought best to go. Miss Stone is staying here in her place. Well, good night now. With heaps of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Buildings and Grounds;Athletics and Physical Education;Student Life


Winter storms; Afternoon teas; Examinations; Musical instruments--Instruction and study; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her parents, 1911 April 9



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