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Letter to mother describing spring weather and clothing, release of Legenda yearbook, Christian Association fees, and getting injured during Gym class.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 6 April, 1911. Dear Mamma, -I wonder if you have had this spell of warm weather? I never saw such a change. Tuesday was a perfectly lovely spring day, but yesterday it rained and snowed all the time and was too slushy and horrid for anything. But today has been wonderful, the sky so blue and the air so warm,- really it was hot this afternoon when I came home. I got cooled off before dinner, however, and put on my New Orleans dress. Of course it made a great sensation. Esther is simply crazy [page 2]about it. It seems so nice to have all the doors and windows open and the girls wearing summer dresses. But oh, how will we ever study? The weather has affected us already and we wonder what will happen later on when the leaves come out. The rising bell rings at six-thirty now, with breakfast at quarter past seven. We don't mind, because it is light then, and it gives us more time to get around for chapel. It doesn't look now as if I would wear my winter suit and furs any more. Everyone, almost, came back wearing their spring suits and hats. Esther’s is black and her hat is black trimmed with an old rose bow. Of course she looks very stylish and cute. Her trunk arrived only this afternoon. [page 3]My baggage came up Tuesday p.m. and everything was in good shape. We have eaten up one cake of sugar so far. I got some coat-hangers yesterday for the new dresses when they come. Isn't Mr. Rice going to get the telescope at all? The Legenda came out and cost me two dollars. I received a notice from the Christian Association that I still owe two dollars of my missionary pledge (10 cents a Sunday). I think that I owe a dollar on another pledge. I'm going to pay my Laundry bill Tomorrow. I still continue sleepy but am not sitting up late. Esther seems tired so I make her go to bed when I do (also so I can lie on my right hip). Almost everyone had such a glorious time at home or at the shore that they hated to come back,- I seem to be the only person around here who is glad of it. [page 4]Esther’s Aunt and Cousin came over in an auto from Lynn this afternoon. She took them all over college and afterwards they stopped here awhile. I cut gym so as to be here when they came, as she thought I might get a ride, but I didn't. I don't care anyway, because I got so lame the other day that it is painful for me to do anything. We played an awfully strenuous game of ball and I had to fly around like everything. I fell down on my knees several times so I have some nice bruises. Then she kept us late so I couldn't take a shower and came home all tired and hot so that I caught cold, but it is gone now so never mind. And gym isn't till next Tuesday again.Must stop now and see about going to bed.With lots of love,Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Athletics and Physical Education; Student Life


Spring; Yearbooks; Wounds and injuries; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 April 6



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