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Letter to her mother written after a Christian Association meeting, about being behind in her studies and giving the details of her assignments in Math and English. The play she is putting together has drawn the attention of the committee of Non Academic Interests, and Mrs. Swift is trying to defend it. Her friends mother died, and she has a class council meeting tomorrow.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 2 March, 1911. Dear Mamma,- We just returned from C.A. meeting (notice I say “we” - Esther went with me last week and tonight) and I must study a lot, so will just write “a few lines,” as we used to say. I'm sorry that my work has piled up so tonight, but I got in with Janet, who takes things in a rather leisurely fashion you know, and so rather fooled away an extra period [page 2] I had before gym. We also stopped in to see a girl in Cazenove on the way home. I'm a little behind in Math too, because I didn't have my lesson this morning and must make it up; and we have a quizz Saturday. I'm also all at sea [deletion: because] to find a subject for a research theme. Miss Hooker wants us to take something that we are already interested in, but strange to say. I don't seem to be interested in anything. And the other play must be written too, if we expect to get it off. We have had a scare about that play, - that is, a private little scare; Miss Swift told Esther and I and we haven't told anyone else. It seems that the committee on Non-Academic Interests have heard about it and are making a row, - they [page 3] may shut down on the whole thing, so meanwhile we are in suspense. Miss Swift is very generously taking the blame all on herself and will fight it out with the faculty. She told Dr. Lockwood (the chairman of the committee) that the girl who wrote the play had straight credit (that's me), also the heroine and villain (Janet & Connie), so she needn't worry about that side of it! Last night Miss Swift had a spread for Christine (her niece) and it was fine, we had toasted marshmallows, olives, angel cake and ice cream with fudge sauce. Some of us dressed up. Esther was a baby. Stearnsie a farmer, I a bather, Connie a washerwoman, Janet a troubadour etc. It was heaps of fun and the food was great. Isn't she a peach [page 4] though? Stearnsie had a telegram this morning (did I tell you that she came back Monday?) saying that her mother died this morning, and so she has gone home again. Poor girl! She has so much trouble and is so brave through it all. Tomorrow afternoon is the Student Gov’t birthday rally in College Hall. I expect it will be rather exciting. Yesterday 1914 had a class meeting to elect new members in place of four who had to resign, and they couldn't get a [illegible]! Isn’t that shameful? I think we are an awful class. I need more nightdresses. All mine are dirty and I sent them in the laundry and borrowed one of Stearnsie. May I buy some in Boston? Must study now. With heaps of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life


Homework; Theater; College student government; Shopping; Crofton House; Cazenove Hall; College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 March 2



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