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Physical Description

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Letter to mother describing weight at her latest physical exam, celebrating two students's birthdays, seeing "The World in Boston" exhibition, asking Dean for approval to take Lit I, and disappointment that mother cannot visit.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 14 May, 1911 Dear Mamma,- It's Sunday morning this time. I thought I would write this now to make sure that it gets done. I got up for breakfast, so there isn't much to do before church. It is a beautiful morning of course. I think it is wonderful that we don't have any rain. This makes ten days of warm, lovely weather. I think the season here is earlier than at home. We have had tulips since the last of April. Buttercups, lilacs, and bleeding-hearts are now out. They orioles have been singing out in our woods here for a [Page 2] week or so. I had my first good glimpse of one yesterday by the gym. My physical exam went off all right. It only took fifteen minutes. One thing did please me so. After, I was weighed I looked at the record to see what it was in lbs. I found it to be only 130. Isn't that great? I'm tickled to death about it. Last night we had a spread for the two girls whose birthdays were this week. It wasn't much of a spread, for all we had to eat with peanuts and lemonade (we can eat fruit and nuts between meals), but we had plenty of fun. We did part of the play, just for a stunt. Esther and I made the lemonade up here, and you should have seen the floor after we got through. All the orange and lemon skins were on it, and a good portion of the juice. [Page 3] Friday Janet and I went to the “World in Boston,” and I wouldn't have missed it for anything. We found a great crowd of people and soon heard someone say that it was Methodists Day. Wasn't that strange? The tickets for the pageant we're almost all sold, but we managed to get two seventy-five cent seats. It certainly was wonderful. I think no one ought to miss it. I wished so much that you were there. It lasted just about two hours. We didn't stay long after it was out, but walked over to Columbus Avenue and came home on the trolley. It was cool and nice and very pleasant, it took an hour from the time we got on till we arrived [deletion: in] at Wellesley Hills corner. We didn't want to wait for a car there so we walked to Wellesley. Arrived here at seven o’clock. I went to see the Dean yesterday to get her approval for my doing Lit I. She [Page 4] says she will “defer her decision” until after the June exams, but that I may make my preparations just the same, and assume that she will approve. The grey skirt fits very nicely now. I got my laundry ready last night, and will send it tomorrow or next day. I put in my suit, winter coat, green dress, and so on. There wasn't room for the blue hat. I'll send that next time. Helen Stearns’ father recently wrote her that they are to go abroad this summer for six weeks. Isn't that grand? I'm simply crazy about it. I'm so sorry you can't come out. I don't know what I will even do with Esther gone so long. The summer weather makes me want to be home again. Well, it's only a month now. With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Academics;Student Life


Birthdays; World in Boston (Exposition) (1911); Mothers; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 May 14



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