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Letter to mother about exams, attending an "After Math" tea, a snowstorm, planning a sleigh ride to Natick with other students, and earning money by tutoring,.


[image: stylized EH within two circles] 3 Norfolk Terrace, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 7 February, 1911. Dear Mamma,- I feel so good tonight that I don't know what to do. In the first place, I took a Math exam this morning and whether I got credit or not, it's over anyway. Good-bye to Solid Geometry forever! And then, I went to an “After Math” tea this afternoon and had a perfectly grand time. I wore my new waist. I'm just in love with it too. I suppose another [page 2] reason why I feel so good is that I have been getting just lots and lots of sleep lately. And then I haven't anything to do tonight. Hygiene exam is Thursday, but I have all day tomorrow to study for it. And after that,- nothing, except Glee Club Concert and finish writing our play. I'm sorry Helen isn't coming but I guess I'll get along This morning we woke up in a big snowstorm and now we have about a foot of snow. I was the first one home from Math and I had to come through all the snow which hadn’t been shovelled. There was a big wind [page 3] and it was awful, I assure you. I was mighty glad to get back to our little radiator. [deletion: I assure you] This afternoon the snow had stopped, so we didn't mind walking up to College Hall. Crofton is trying to get up a sleighride [mis-spelling: sleigh ride] for tomorrow night. I think we will go to Natick and back. It cost us fifty cents apiece, but there,- when I get paid for all the tutoring I have done I will have a dollar. I didn't dare charge the girls fifty cents as they only came around yesterday, so I called it twenty five cents and gave them their little bills this morning. Math wasn't very hard, at least I didn't think so. But I studied everything so thoroughly that I ought to have known it. [page 4] I was glad to have your postal this morning. I shall be glad to hear how you like Louisiana and what your further plans are. This paper belongs to my roommate. I have run out myself so she is kind enough to lend me some. I can't buy anymore because I haven't any money, and I hate to cash another check so soon. Helen writes me that Julia went to Hartwick. I'm beginning to wonder when my clothes will get back. I must send some more to the laundry tomorrow. Think I'll stop now and get ready for bed. Nothing doing tomorrow! With thoughts of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Natick, Massachusetts


Academics;Student Life


Examinations; Afternoon teas; Winter storms; Sleighs; Money; College Hall; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother , 1911 February 7



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