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Letter to her mother discussing a dress she's having made, a description of the Senior Operetta, and the upcoming play she's working on that they invited Olive Davis too. They sang hymns in memory of Mildred Reid who died of typhoid fever.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 14 March, 1911. Dear Mama,- Your letter received this afternoon, and I will take a little while to write now before doing Math. Esther and I just looked at the samples and we decided on the two I enclose. If you don't like them I'll try again. She says to have the pink one made with a U neck and kimona [mis-spelling: kimono] sleeves, short waist, and skirt caught in under in a half hobble-tuck affair. I suppose you mean to have it made over the other pink. The blue one she says to have the neck piped in black velvet. [page 2] Of course those are only suggestions, but I know she has awfully good taste and what she says about clothes I take seriously. We went in town yesterday but were crowded for time, so I couldn't look in Filene’s for dresses. But when I go in to take the train home I can look around and at least get an idea of the styles. The stores are perfectly lovely now, I just wished like everything that you were here and could go shopping with me. Esther got some underwear & stuff & I was crazy to get some too. Esther is going to stay over Sunday with Gagie and go to a dance [illegible] before going home. I expect she will have a grand time. Perhaps I can get them to see me off. The Senior Operetta was yesterday afternoon. We just got back from town in [page 3] time to go to it. It was awfully good. I will bring the score home so you can hear the music. The only fault we had to find with it was that it was rather short. Everything is play from now on I expect. We had a good rehearsal tonight. It doesn't take much of our time because we always stop at half past seven. Only there is a certain amount of planning and fussing to be done at all times. We have invited Miss Olive Davis to come & are going to send a carriage for her. She has done a great deal in helping us through the committee. We are to invite all Ridgeway, but hope that the Harvard play will attract enough so that those who come can get into Connie’s room. I’m so sorry you can’t come, but I suppose Papa thinks he is the boss there. I don’t like to get dinner alone on the train. [page 4] Breakfast won’t be bad, because I expect Grace Witter to be on the train from Albany. At any rate she wrote me that she would. This afternoon at three o’clock the college assembled in center to sing hymns, during the funeral of Mildred Keim in Philadelphia. It was rather sad of course. We are to have our closet cleaned tomorrow. Hooray! If only my trunk could come out! The floor behind it must be awful. I enclose a program of a recital which I attended this afternoon. It made me think in places of the Conservatory at home. Must stop now. Think I’ll go to bed and get up at 6.30 to study. With heaps of love Mary


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life


Shopping; Operetta; Theater; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 March 14



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