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Letter to her mother about their upcoming plays- one has yet to be written, and the other is in rehearsal, and they are trying to finish the costumes. She wants her mother to visit for the play, so they can do shopping for all the clothes she needs. She went to dinner with Miriam Grover, who then went to a lecture by Dr. Eliot of Harvard, but she had to go to rehearsal for the play. She also describes her Botany assignment and staying up late studying. Letter is dated February 29th, but 1911 was not a leap year.


11 Crofton,Wellesley, Massachusetts, 29 February, 1911.Dear Mamma,-This is the last chance I will have to write you this month, so I think I'll take it. We are in the midst of excitement tonight. Esther brought back a lot of fancy gowns, a spangled one, pink one, etc. and we have been dressing Janet up. Janet is to be the princess in the play. The stuff is strewn all around and I tell you we look regal. We had a good rehearsal tonight over in Ridgeway. Miss Swift said we could use the waiting room over there whenever we wanted to. Isn't she a dear? We went through the whole[page 2]thing in just an hour. I wish I could come home over Sunday to get things for the people to wear. You see we have a king, a prince, two or three court gentlemen, one of whom is a constable, a priest, queen, princess, court lady, and butler. Do you think of anything at home that could be used? We want the costumes to be the old fashioned kind you know. The other play is yet to be written. I think we shall work on it tomorrow. I can cut History lecture without much trouble. Esther has only one class tomorrow you see. She had a dandy time at home I guess. She has a new pink dress,- a peach. Also three jars of jelly and a few cookies. Our curtains look nice and clean, although they have shrunk a little.I do hope you can come out. Every[page 3]few minutes I think of another reason why I want you to. I don't know exactly all the clothes I will need, but I do want a light dress or two. Everything that I have, I have worn over and over, and my best pink won't do when warm weather comes. I want a few more union suits I think. Will send my laundry Thursday. I don't expect you'll be much cheered at the looks of the suitcase. I was over at Webb to dinner tonight with Miriam Grover. She certainly is a peach. I did my best to talk a lot so she wouldn't think I was hard to get acquainted with. Webb is much more homelike than Ridgeway but I'm glad I live here. I couldn't stay any after dinner as Miriam [deletion: illegible] was going to a lecture by Dr. Eliot of Harvard and I had to come to rehearsal. [page 4]In Botany, from now on, we have to report wild flowers that we see daily. I haven't seen any yet but Miss Bliss says that doubtless some are out. Yesterday I studied all day long and got quite a lot done ahead. In the evening I wrote my theme, and it took me till one a.m. Isn't that awful? But it had to be done you know. Connie stayed up in Esther’s bed last night, as Miss Swift's niece was in her room.Must stop now and get ready to go to bed. Esther is awfully tired. With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music; Student Life; Dress


Costumes; Clothing and dress; Homework; Crofton House; Webb House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 February



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