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Letter to her mother describing her busy schedule, her trip to Rockport, Mass. with Shakespeare Society, the visit from her Aunt Mary, and the senior dinner with Miss Davis.


[image: Wellesley College seal] SIGILLVM COLLEGII WELLESLEIANI 1875 NON MINISTRARI SED MINISTRARE 28 Pomeroy 18 May, 1914 Dear Mother: I used the secretary, these days, or a wireless Telegraph, to convey to you the letters I never have time to write. This week is going to be busiest of all, but after that I can breathe again, I am sure. I [deletion: had] got an extension on my [illegible: Sit?] Paper which was due Friday, and now must do that. This Friday I must hand in a History paper about the Civil War; also, we have our final laboratory quiz in Physics. We have [page 2] two all afternoon rehearsals - to-day and Thursday, - to-morrow night the senior dinner which the heads of the four quad. houses are [illegible] out here on the quad. green. Wednesday night we have an S.S. meeting to elect officers, - and stu gov’t meeting in the afternoon.You see it's really like having three exams, classes as usual, and several outside things besides, in one week! If I can keep alive through this , I guess I can stand anything. We have had a wonderful [illegible: show] party. I went late Saturday night, after Academic Council ( a senior class affair, - A take - off on the real one). Came back this morning on the 6.02 train; [page 3] had breakfast with Helen and the folks at 8:30, saw them off on a trip to Concord, did a few errands, and came out here. I'm tired from getting up so early, but feel rested in general. I have a nice red nose and much lameness from climbing on the rocks. We had the same hotel as before, all to ourselves. Went sailing in the morning for several hours. It was lovely but not rough enough to be exciting. We had wonderful weather for such a trip. We took Miss McDowell and Miss [illegible] as chaperones. Friday I showed the folks around the campus, cutting my classes; and we had lunch at the house. Miss [illegible: Dairs’?] senior dinner that night at the art building was very nice. We are getting so much attention these days that we feel quite important. Did I tell you that Aunt Mary has given me her key to wear until I get mine? The couch cover came as you mentioned, and the new sheets were in the suitcase. But the next time, after I sent them (2 or 3) home to be washed, they did not come back. Are you sure they are not there? I have none here now except the two on my bed. Must get ready to go to Physics class. Lots of love, Mary


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Rockport, Massachusetts


Student Life;Tradition and Ritual


Shakespeare Society; Travel; Sailing; Dinners and dining; Pomeroy Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1914 May 18



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