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Letter to her mother about wanting her parents to visit and go shopping, a fire drill at College Hall where they had to slide down a rope, a party with her advisor Miss Bliss, a sermon by the president of Bowdoin College and a speech by the President of the College Settlements Associations. She also writes about an upcoming performance of "Romeo and Juliet" by the Amherst Dramatic Club, and special services at the Chapel in preparation for the upcoming day of prayer.


11 Crofton. Wellesley, Massachusetts, 19 February, 1911. Dear Mamma,- So you are once more in New York State! It certainly does seem nice. How do you like being where it is cold? I have thought of you today being with Helen, and wish that I had a father and mother to take to church. I saw several girls this morning with parts of their families. Couldn't we arrange a shift in the cheese market that would bring Papa out [Page 2] to Boston? It ought to be fresh out here,- you know we are quite near the ocean. When I had your postal from New York, I felt like jumping on a train and coming down to shop with you. New York seems so near you know, although I suppose it really isn't. If you wish for a “mint of money”, you must know how I feel every time I go into Boston. The stores are certainly awfully tempting. I didn't tell you about the funny stunt that happened the other day. All of the Freshmen had to go up to College Hall and practice going down the rope fire escape, the kind we have in our room here you know. It was lots of fun but wasted some perfectly good time. There was an organ recital that afternoon and I wanted to go, but as it happened [Page 3] of course I couldn't. Friday I happened to be in Mary Black’s room (College Hall) while she unpacked a box from home. The stuff looked pretty good to me, but all I got was some puffed-rice candy. She also had some pressed chicken, a can of cherries, a can of strawberries, a can of beets, & an angel food cake. Last night all of us who have Miss Bliss for our adviser [mis-spelling: advisor] were invited up to her room for a party. We certainly did have the best time. Another teacher, Miss Wheeler, entertained with us and they had three or four upper classmen to help. First they pinned names of people on our backs and we had to guess who we were by the remarks made. Then we did charades a while. Next they took us into the laboratory and Miss Wheeler read a poem, while some of the others acted it [Page 4] out in silhouette. Then we had a contest which was guessing names of colleges all turned around and pinned up around the room. Doris Marquart got the prize,- a little fern and a flower pot. After that we were served with lovely ice cream & wafers. We all had two dishes of it too. This morning we had a nice sermon by the president of Bowdoin College. Tonight the speaker was the president of the College Settlements Association. This is a lovely day, and all the slush which was running around yesterday is frozen up. We had a real nice thaw the other day and almost all of our snow is gone. Three of our girls are away over Sunday and the rest of us are rather [Page 5] subdued. Helen Stearns had a special delivery letter from her father this afternoon saying that her mother was very ill and for her to be ready to start any minute. That broke her all up of course. Miss Swift hustled around and telegraphed her father but he said Helen needn’t start tonight. She has a brother in Yale who will go with her if she goes. We have a vacation Wednesday you know. I think there is to be something doing in the morning up in College Hall. Tuesday night the Amherst Dramatic Club are to give “Romeo and Juliet” in the Barn. I expect it will be something like the occasion which we struck when we came to Wellesley [Page 6] last spring. Every afternoon this week there will be special services in the chapel, in preparation for the Day of Prayer, which is next Sunday. Say do you suppose it would be possible to get my white dress washed? It doesn't look as nice and clean as I would like to have it, and I have been wearing it quite a lot lately, and probably shall. You know there will be a lot more going on this semester than last, and besides, the Crofton play comes off. I ought to look presentable, as the authoress. I caught the lace last night and tore it in two little places. The slip seems quite dirty to me, especially around the bottom. [Page 7] I don't suppose Aunt Mary mentioned having a letter from me, did she? I wrote to her some time ago but never received any answer. I'm so glad I didn't flunk anything, because if I had I would be on probation and couldn't cut classes. As it is, you see, I can cut whenever I want to, which isn’t very often. I must stop now as it is nearly ten o’clock. With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts; New York, New York


Arts, Theater and Music;Faculty, Staff and Administrators;Religion and Spirituality;Student Life


Travel; Parents; Fire drills; Parties; Crofton House; College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 February 19



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