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Letter to her mother about her Valentine's Day party, hairwashing, and a Photography lecture where a flash bulb caught on fire. A maid found her lost graduation pin, and there is a rumor that three quarters of the Freshman class failed their English Composition exam.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 14 February, 1911. Dear Mamma,- Your postal came this morning and I was glad to know where you are. I have been wondering whether you were in Washington or further away. I noticed that the card was postmarked at Jacksonville. How you do fly around! Today is Valentine's Day. We have been expecting that the Dean would send out her little Valentine's, in the shape of funk notes, but they haven't come yet. We won't get our marks for [page 2] the semester for a week or two yet. Our table is going to have a Valentine party tonight. I just went down town and got some little red hearts to wear. You should have seen this house yesterday. Nell, Ethel, Alice, Gomphie, Erminie, Helen Humphrey, Elsie Pray, and I, all had our hair washed. Esther had hers done Saturday so it looks almost as bad. Connie came back from home and had had hers done while away. Most of the girls wash their own and but I wanted to try the lady who did Esther's, - Miss Blissand, so I went down there. My head feels lots better, but you can imagine that it doesn't look very well. Last night we went up to College Hall to an illustrated lecture given by an Englishman on “Wonders of Photography.” [page 3] The pictures were good and he was perfectly funny,- kept us laughing all the time. He had a whole lot of cameras on the stage and he lit a big flash powder and took a picture of us in all those cameras; then he developed the plates and at the end showed us the pictures on the screen. They were real good,- one in particular showed up the Dean and Miss McDowell well. The exciting thing was that his flash powder was inside of a big frame covered with cloth, to soften the light I suppose, and when it went off this business caught afire and burned all up. The flames went nearly to the ceiling but nothing was hurt. They put it out with the fire-extinguishers and he apologized for the “howrid [mis-spelling: horrid] mess. It is entirely unnecess’ry [mis-spelling: unnecessary],” he said. We had the smoke to swallow the rest of the evening. [page 4] We have a day off for Washington's birthday next week. We hear that they are talking of giving us Tuesday instead of Wednesday, so that our week-end holiday will last over till Wednesday morning. Wouldn’t that be nice? Esther is thinking of going home, so expect I will be rather lonesome. You better come out. Last night I lost my graduating pin in this morning one of the maids brought it to Esther and asked if it belong to her roommate. She must have recognized the initials. The report has been circulated that three fourths of the Freshman class flunk the English Comp. exam. I'm afraid that means me! Must study now. It seems strange. With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Student Life;Tradition and Ritual


Valentine's Day; Parties; Examinations; Photographs; Washington's Birthday; Crofton House; College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 February 14



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