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Letter to her mother about the school's celebration of Lincoln's birthday, a full description of the Glee Club concert, and the men who performed from Harvard and other school. She also mentions a sermon she went to, paying her tuition, and the possibility of going to a lecture on Photography.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 12 February, 1911. Dear Mamma,- This is Lincoln’s birthday, and though we don’t have a holiday for it, the extra privileges we have are about as nice. If you could see what a gay festive place Wellesley is in these days, you wouldn’t [deletion: thi] know that there ever was such a thing as studying. It is wonderful. I’m sure it has made all the Freshman crazy about this place. The principal thing about it is [page 2] the Glee Club concert of course. You know it is the dressy event of the year, and almost everyone is supposed to have a man. They give it two nights to take care of the crowd. I had tickets for Friday night, thinking Helen would be here, but when she didn't come and I couldn't find anyone else. Esther consented to go with me. The thing was in College Hall chapel, and we had reserved seats on one side. The Glee Club gave several numbers and the Mandolin Club several, all good. There were lots of flowers sent up. We enjoyed watching the men, but most of them weren't very good looking. Between the halves of the program everybody went out and paraded around. The first floor [page 3] center had been all decorated up with pillows, cozy corners, lamps, etc. so that the people could sit around. It looked pretty “spiffy,” as Esther says. The concert was over at half past ten, and we had three quarters of an hour to come home in, as on these two [deletion: illegible] nights the hour of closing for village houses was eleven-fifteen instead of ten o’clock. It was a beautiful night, clear moon you know. Last night at dinner we decided to go up again for the closing and see the fun (and the men). So about half past ten we [deletion: illegible] rigged all up and went up there. Dorothy Ebersole went with us. We got a new view of the thing by going up on the fifth floor in the Psyc Lab and looking down through the round ventilators which are in ceiling of the chapel. Then we came down [page 4] to the level and watched the people come out. The men were much better looking than the night before, and more plentiful. The girl’s gowns were pretty too. Everybody worked toward “center” and then the fun began, - the men gave their cheers in bunches,- Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Tech, Williams, Dartmouth, etc. You see we had quite a representation. They all said “Wellesley! Wellesley!” at the end. The Princeton tiger cheer is something wonderful. Esther nearly went crazy when she heard the Yale cheer. You can't imagine how queer it seemed to see all those men around, and hear men's voices cheering. And College Hall itself looked so grand and unusual. We stood around as long as we could and then came home. [page 5] I guess all the men have stayed over Sunday, for there are heaps of them around. The Sunday rules are all off, so we may take men to church or go driving with them, or anything we want to. This morning I went to church with Julia, or rather she went with me, and it seemed queer to see men everywhere. The sermon was by man from East Orange, N.J. and was very good. Julia went to sleep but I took it in. The text, “seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and all these things shall be added unto you”, struck me as being rather timely. Tonight is musical vespers, and I suppose it will be men, men, again. Oh these are great days. Midyears’ seem ages ago. Yesterday we didn't have to do anything and tomorrow we don't. Esther has [page 6] [deletion: being] been kicking herself all day long to think that she didn't have a man. At half-past one this morning, four Yale men serenaded Noanett. We didn't hear it but heard about it at dinner. We had some heavenly ice cream today. Yesterday morning in chapel Mr. Dougall played an impromptu on class and college melodies, ending with “‘Neath the Oaks.” We all stood up and sang it. It hasn't been sung in chapel before this year. Esther and I then went up to College Hall and paid our tuition, then stopped in the library and read all the magazines we could find. It's going to be hard for us to go back to work Tuesday. [page 7] My laundry came late yesterday afternoon. The suitcase is banged through in two places. Julia sent me [deletion: a lot of] some fancy cookies and a little cream cheese, also some figs. We had them for breakfast this morning. I feel so luxurious with all those clean clothes here. There are only twelve girls in the house now, so it is nice and quiet. Last night when we came in at eleven, we made all the noise we wanted to. Mildred had on a yellow silk and chiffon dress that she wore as bridesmaid at a wedding just before Christmas. It is perfectly dear. Tomorrow night there is to be an illustrated lecture in College Hill Chapel on Photography. I want to go but it all depends on how Esther feels. [page 8] Julia invited me to go into Boston with them but I haven't decided yet. I just this minute received your card from Lake Charles I didn't know we had such sporty relations. Perhaps you won't be able to tear yourselves away. Are you going to include Wellesley in your tour of the continent? I wish you could have been here today. I suppose by next Sunday the excitement will be all gone. With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Religion and Spirituality;Student Life


Glee Club; Men; Vespers; Travel; Crofton House; College Hall; Noanett House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 February 12



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