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Letter to mother about mother's possible trip to Castile, feeling blue, the cold weather, attending the Junior Play, and plans for traveling home.


3 Norfolk Terrace, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 6 December, 1910. Dear Mamma,- Your letter came this afternoon and I was glad to get the other proof. I think the pictures of the room are fine. I hope you will get some benefit from the trip to Castile. I was under the impression that Dr. Green died a few years ago, or is this another? No doubt Julia would enjoy going. I don't see why my letter should have been late Saturday. I think I [Page 2] mailed it at the usual time. I hope there will be something in my laundry besides clothes, because we have been planning on the spread for several weeks. Today has been rather hard and I have felt blue. I suppose it is the reaction from the excitement of yesterday. For one thing I'm sleepy (although I went to bed before nine last night), then our Botany was hard and I had an awful history quizz this afternoon. I'm almost sure I didn't pass it, which would mean that I wouldn't get credit this [deletion: morning.] month. I studied hard enough for it, but there were too many questions and such queer [Page 3] ones, - “Give the importance of this and that,” something we never mentioned in class. Then I'm nearly rushed to death this week, that doll must be done Friday and I want to write some letters. Had a letter from Helen this morning, the first I've heard from her since [deletion: I] she went. Don't worry about us not having enough fresh air. If you could see us in the morning lie here and freeze. The room gets nice and cold about 6 A.M. and the heat comes on about 8 A.M. Today the lake was frozen over. I can't say how thick the ice is but it is the [deletion: same] real stuff. It's been snowing all day long, and blowing [Page 4] fit to kill. My hands got so cold this morning, I decided to carry my muff this p.m. even if it would wear it out. I don't seem to get cold except in my face in my hands. The Junior Play yesterday was perfectly wonderful. I wore my pink dress, sweater, & evening coat. Stood in line an hour outside the Barn (It wasn't cold). I was in the air all the afternoon. It was simply the grandest thing that ever happened! Must go to bed now. Awfully sleepy! (It is 8.45) With love as ever. Bought my N.Y.C. mileage yesterday. Paid $7.00 to Miss Swift for Helen's board “ 4.00 to Wellesley Inn. [Page 5] on Tuesday or Wednesday before Christmas, so I think the best time to go up would be Sunday night when she goes. May I do it? I'm very anxious to go up there and she is very anxious to have me. I meant to tell you about my cold but it's been so insignificant that I never thought of it when writing. But it's all gone now, thanks to the atomizer. Well Esther is scolded me for not going to bed so I think I'll take her advice and close. With lots of love, Mary. P.S. This has been a beautiful day. Not so cold as the last few.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life;Tradition and Ritual


Travel; Cold; Theater

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1910 December 6



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