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Letter to mother about recent exams, shopping in Boston, snow, special music played after chapel, and afternoon teas with Miss Swift.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 3 February, 1911. Dear Mamma, I just got home from English exam, which was perfectly awful. Everybody is saying, “what did you think of it?” And we are all rejoice in because one of the smartest girls in the Freshman Class said she thought it was hard. The questions were so intangible and [Page 2] unlike anything we ever saw, that we didn't know how to get at them. But at any rate it's over, so we don't care. I [deletion: illegible] might mention that the question paper was eleven inches by nineteen. This week isn't very hard, for me at least. The exams only last two hours and I have only one a day. Botany was nice, fair, and not very hard. We had studied so thoroughly that I guess no one thought it very bad. my friend she has her day was not hard, but not very fair, as some of the questions were on things we had not had. [Page 3] I remembered a few things from taking French before, so I got along. I finished the exam in an hour. Yesterday afternoon after and I went to Boston all on the 103 and got back at half past 4. We were in almost every store Boston. You see I was looking for a waist, and we are both rather hard to suit. But I finally found one at R.H. White’s. It is blue silk, lighter than my suit but harmonizes nicely, made rather plain with kimono sleeves and small lace yotes. We think it is a great bargain and everyone is crazy about it, admires our taste, Etc. I wore it to dinner last night [Page 4] and Ester dressed up in her pink dress in honor of the occasion. I saw fur hats in Boston marked seventy-five cents. Think of it! I got my watch from Stowell’s where I had left it to be cleaned. They soaked one $2.50 for it but Gagie says it's an expensive process. I didn't dare dispute them because I had to have the watch. It seems more like winter now because it has been snowing for a couple of days. Mr. MacDougall plays recital music every morning for fifteen minutes after Chapel. Miss Swift gives to use every afternoon to the girls and Ridgeway. I'll tell you this is a great place! Lovingly, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Boston, Massachusetts


Academics;Arts, Theater and Music;Faculty, Staff and Administrators;Student Life


Examinations; Shopping; Snow; Afternoon teas; Teachers; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 February 3



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