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Letter to mother about mother's Florida travels, tutoring other students in math, attending meetings, attending a party that evening, and Botany class.


College Home Library, 27 January, 1911. Dear Mamma, - I just came up from Stone Hall in the rain, entirely without umbrella or hat. It snowed last night, then froze. This morning it has rained and melted, so you can imagine how pleasant the walking is. We had a review in Botany, commencing with a written lesson, which I couldn’t do anything with. The first question was, give the life history of the Brown Tail Moth and the Elm Leaf Beetle. It is so nice to get all the postals [Page 2] From you. I think you must spend a good share of your time writing, all of Europe. I wish I had a map of Florida here, to find out where some of the places are. I had always imagined that the state was about 20 miles wide, and all the cities in it were close together. If you feel like eating five times a day, you know how I feel. I'm merely starved, although I had my breakfast about three hours ago. I've struck a new scheme for helping the girls in math. I'm going to charge fifty cents a week, then they can ask me all the questions they want to for that amount. I think it will work finely if they only remember [Page 3] to pay. I've been trying to catch up sleep lately, and as a consequence haven't had my lessons. But if I cram a little next week perhaps it will be alright. We attended a very interesting lecture the other day by one of the Art teachers, on “Principles of Architecture.” It was illustrated by slide showing buildings in Boston. The lecture was required for English Comp. Our C.A. meeting last night was led by a Junior, one of the Silver Bay girls. It was awfully good. On the table where I'm sitting is a copy of the London times for January 3. On the first page is an announcement of an entertainment [illegible] by the Royal [Page 4] Choral Society - “Messiah” - With Madame Clara Butt and Mr. Remley Rumford. Doesn't that sound good? Our table is going to have a party tonight. There is a meeting of student government at 7:30 but I don't know whether I'll get up to it or not. Yesterday we had a tree test in botany in which we went walking around the campus and identified 35 trees. I had most of them right but not all. It made me so hungry that I ate part of my lunch in Hygiene. Helen sent me a pretty Syracuse calendar. Must go to Math now. Lot’s of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Academics;Buildings and Grounds;Student Life


Travel; Homework; College student government; Parties; College Hall; Stone Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 January 27



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