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Letter to mother about her upcoming Botany exam, learning an Irish jig in Gym class, the weather, reading, friends attending a theater performance in Boston, and a power outage.


11 the Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 31 January, 1911. Dear Mamma,- I have half an hour before lunch with nothing to do, so I will write this. I've just been to Botany, but came out early as it wasn't a regular session and I had asked her all the questions I could think of. We are all thinking of nothing but the exam Tomorrow,- yesterday we studied all day for it, with the exception of a little while in the library in the afternoon. My head is so full of Botany that I can't think of anything else. I woke up this morning saying to myself, “It holds [Page 2] moisture, I know it holds moisture. I have my exam in the Art building, which is rather nice as I've never been inside the place. Well the half hour was rather short. I was interrupted by Bonnie friends. It is nine o’clock now and Anne McKeon just left. We have been studying- Botany - like everything ever since dinner . I think we'll go to bed now soon. In gym this afternoon we learn to do the Irish jig. It's awfully funny and quite hard but just think! No more gym for 2 weeks! Lots of girls are going away when they don't have exams, and it will seem almost like vacation, especially next week. The weather has turned colder, - that is, it is windy and so seems real cold. [Page 3] This morning we woke up freezing, but Margaret had some flowers in her room and she said they weren't Frozen, so we must have been mistaken about the temperature. This morning I had two hours in the library with nothing much to do. I read, “She stops to conquer,” as it came out in Harper's in 1885-86, also the late magazines, Kennedy Square in the February Scribner's, etc. It was rather luxurious. Chapel exercises all during Midyears will contain special music. We want to plan to go every morning. Please give me a credit mark: I've been in bed before ten o’clock every night for a week. Isn't that pretty good? If I keep it up I will have to stop this. [Page 4] Last night Julia + her man from Williams College, her brother, and Dorothy Evansole, took Miss Swift and went into Boston to the theater. They report a very enjoyable time but are very sleepy as they didn't get in till after 12 the excitement was added to by the absence of the electric lights Which one out at 6, just as we were dressing, and stayed out for half or three-quarters of an hour. We were eating dinner in grand style with candles, when they suddenly blazed on again. I think the wind crossed the wires or something. Must stop now. With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Buildings and Grounds;Student Life;Athletics and Physical Education


Examinations; Folk dancing, Irish; Theater; Electric power failures; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 January 31



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