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Letter to mother about student government elections, attending the French Play, receiving an invitation to tea with upperclasswomen, and purchasing new clothing.


11 the Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 24 January, 1911. Dear Mama, - I rather expected to have a letter or something from you today, but I can't realize that Florida is so much farther away than New York. Doubtless I'll hear from you Tomorrow. However, I'll write this tonight before I begin to work so that it will surely get done. Things are getting exciting nowadays. We are in full realization of the fact that MIT ears begin next week. We had a house meeting tonight and elected Helen Humphrey for our house chairman. Mildred [Page 2] also appointed some new proctors, - Helen Sterns on this floor and the Hester Kuglur on second. One of the girls over at Miss Riarndon's and an awful nightmare Sunday night and scream so loud that Nell and Ethel hurt her. They had a big time getting her quiet, and she wasn't over at meals yesterday. Crofton was quite excited about it as they wouldn't tell us at first what the matter was. Yesterday morning Esther and I accidentally overslept, so we had to go downtown for breakfast. It took a lot of time out of the morning, so we have to work hard afterwards. The French flight occupied the evening till 2, and after that we studied two hours. The play was great. There were only six girls in [Page 3] it and I know three of them, so it was interesting to me. A dog got into the barn and went on to the stage, which discondflicted [mis-spelling: discomforted?] Polly Lawrence (the man) so much that she dragged him off three times. They finally shipped him out in the audience and we hung on to him for the rest of the evening Today has been a wonderful day,- the air is clean and not cold. The earth smells almost as in the spring. Yesterday it snowed a little but there are no traces of it now. The skating continues good but I don't seem to have time to go. I think I'll have to wait till next year when I'm up on the campus. I received an invitation today to a tea, “after math” on February 7th, given by 9 girls in College Hall to some freshman they know. We think they are the very [Page 4] nicest girls in the whole college, so naturally I'm tickled to death about the invitation. Girls in the house here (not all of them of course) who didn't go to the play last night, amused themselves by sacking a few of the rooms. They turned all our pictures over, put everything on the tables upside down, and piled our pillows and chairs on the floor. We took it as a big joke and left it till tonight, then invited our friends in to help straighten it up. The lining in my net waist is very badly torn. The waist is old style and dirty anyway, so I think I'll send it home. Mayn’t I get me a new waist in Boston? The Persian chiffon affairs ought to be cheaper by now and I haven't had anything new lately. I think it would be rather nice to have a different waist to wear. I think I better stop now. I'm hot and want to get some of my clothes off. Lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life


College student government; Theater; Afternoon teas; Clothing and dress; Crofton House; College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 January 24



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