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Letter to mother about homework, upcoming midyears, student government elections, and attending Sophomore Play and sermon by Henry Van Dyke.


11 the Crofton Wellesley, Massachusetts, 22 January, 1911. Dear Mamma, - It's awfully late (I won't tell you what time) But I think I had better write this as I will be busy Tomorrow. My research theme must be worked over a few more times and copied; I have also bought new map in French to do. In the evening we are going to the French play you know. Tuesday after gym there is a recital that Mildred wants us to go to, and Wednesday a required lecture on Art. It looks to me like a busy week. I haven't written to Florence for a long time but [page 2] I don't see just one I will do it. And Midyear’s commencing next week. Oh dear, such is life at Wellesley. I'm crazy for the time to come when Midyear’s will be over and we will have the beautiful spring before us. I've learned so many trees lately that I'm anxious to have the leaves come out so I can see what they will be like. I was so glad to get your postal yesterday but I can't think of you yet as being so far south. I'm glad you saw Uncle Edward and Aunt Mary. Friday afternoon we had a class meeting elected Our member for the student government Advisory Board. It was rather exciting, but we finally elected just the right girl, - Francis Williams. We cheered her in center afterwards. [page 3] I only had one class yesterday, which was very nice of course. I worked on botany and my theme in the afternoon and we went downtown with Slippery. in the evening we went to the Sophomore play it was daudy. We stood up. Between the acts they sing songs and cheered. 1914 gave our cheer for the first time in public except in Center. We got home quite early and “sat around” a while (but not on the lake). I guess I haven't told you about the change in our room. I have moved my bed and the bookcase, - exchanged their places. We like it much better. Dr. Van Dyke this morning was fine. We sat near the front and could hear well. The chapel was entirely full. He isn't especially striking in appearance but it was a great thrill to hear him. He also spoke a few [page 4] minutes at musical Vespers tonight. Gladys Gorman came over after dinner today and brought Alice Paine with her. (Alice Paine played the part of the heroine in the Junior play) They both sing well but can't read music as well as I should expect of members of the choir. We had a nice time with them. Miss Swift is better now,- she comes to meals and looks as well as ever. I delivered your message and she said to tell you that she hoped you would be better soon. I'm going to delay sending my laundry until Julia goes home. I don't find any more long-sleeved union suits. But I don't need them. Must up now and go to bed. With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Religion and Spirituality;Student Life;Tradition and Ritual


Examinations; College student government; Theater; Van Dyke, Henry, 1852-1933; Sophomore Play; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 January 22



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