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Letter to mother in Florida about mother's travel to New Orleans, missing vespers because of rain, going to an Episcopalian church, exams, wishing she could attend an upcoming performance by Mary Garden, inviting Helen to a Glee Club concert, and a power outage.


11 the Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 29 January, 1911. Dear Mamma,- Some of the girls went to the post office this afternoon and brought me your letter and Papa's postal. I was very glad to get both. It is very nice for you that the weather is warm down there, but unfortunate that you have not more comfortable clothing. I'm curious to know why you were going to New Orleans. Esther suggest the Mardi Gras. Why don't you run over and see the Grand Canyon while you are down there? I'm all alone here and it is [Page 2] about half past seven. Ester has gone to Vespers with a man. I intended to go, - scoured Crofton for someone to go with and finally persuaded Janet, but when we started to go we found that it was raining. I hate to miss it like everything, but don't like the idea of getting on a raincoat and paddling up there, so we gave it up. This morning Esther and I went to the little Episcopal Church down here. Dorothy Ebersole was invited out for dinner today so she got Esther to teach her Sunday school class for her, and as it commenced at twelve o’clock she couldn’t go up to the chapel service. I can get anyone else in the house to go with me so I had to go down there with her the church is rather cute and I was surprised at [Page 3] the attendance.They have a boy choir (small of course) and a pipe organ which fills the church with the sound of it. I don't like the minister much. The Sunday School consists of about a dozen children. Dorothy's class didn't show up at all, so we came out and came home she says there are only two or three in it anyway, and one of them has the measles. We had a good dinner and I had two dishes of ice cream. I believe I get fonder of this stuff everyday. I fairly long for a dish in the Huyler’s. If we can go into Boston this week I must surely have some. Tomorrow I expect to study Botany all day. The exam comes Wednesday morning and Tuesday afternoon I've 2 classes and gym, so I can't [Page 4] Study then. I'm so glad that Botany comes first of all, because I dread it worst. French in English comp won't kill me I guess. Miss Hooker says that the English exam will be mostly a test in theory,- to see if we know what we ought to do, and not, how well we do it. That comes in our themes I got back my long thin the other day. It wasn't corrected as much as the others, but I got the impression that she thought it was too indifferent to deserve it. Mary Gardner opens her engagement and Boston this week, by playing in “Faust” Friday night. I should like to hear it but c’est impossible. I was hoping there would be something good next week but I don't know how as it makes much difference Esther [Page 5] Says she can't afford anything more just now, and I don't think to know of anyone else to ask. Esther Likes music so well herself that I hate to enjoy any unless she can. The Glee Club concert is February 10th and 11th. I thought once that I wouldn't go but everyone is getting tickets so I got two. Men are quite necessary but I don't want to bother with one. I'm up against it to find someone to go with me. I wrote Helen yesterday and asked if she couldn't come out. It would be fun if she could come Thursday night and go back Sunday night, thus missing only two days to see. Then she could spend her birthday with me and go to the Glee Club concert. I do wish she could. [Page 6] Do it. I saw the paper that the Handel and Haydn Society Are to give their second grade concert on Sunday evening, February 12th. Schuman Heink is one of The Soloists. Arthur Carpenter certainly is getting in right. The other evening we were much startled by two loud shots and our neighborhood. We looked out of all the windows but could see nothing. We found out next morning that Mr Ferguson had been having a birthday party or something, and to celebrate he fired off his 32 caliber revolver. Last night we had an exciting time caused by trouble in the [Page 7] power house. The electric lights all over town went out and remained so for over an hour. We had a couple of candles, but they soon burn down and we simply had to go to bed. The streets were as dark as could be because all the street lights are electric. Janet was entertaining A Man in The Parlor, and although I don't know what happened, it must have been very exciting. Elsie parade was over to another girl's home and had to come home alone. She was scared and started to run and in the darkness fell and cut her wrist. When she arrived she was so scared that she got silly and nearly had Hysteria. Miss Swift and Mildred were away and we had a big-time doing her [Page 8] up and calming her by the Light of the solitary candles. Astor unexpectedly went to Boston yesterday with Katherine Gage and Marjorie [illegible : Boyntou?]. They fooled around and did little or nothing, then tried to make us all believe that they had been to the theater. We didn't get up till nine-thirty this morning, and had bread and butter and jelly in bed. The laundry did my clothes up very nicely, but the bill is 59 cents for only one change and a sheet, so I think I prefer Julia for steady. She says to send my package home this week. I think it will get off Thursday. With lots of love, Mary


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Buildings and Grounds;Religion and Spirituality;Student Life


Vespers; Worship; Concerts; Glee Club; Garden, Mary, 1874-1967; Electric power failures; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 January 29



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