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Letter to mother about cashing a check, cold weather, researching the Sarah Bernhardt play "Camille" she will be attending, upcoming Sophomore Play, and laundry.


11 The Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 17 January, 1911. Dear Mamma,- Your letter just came, so I think I'll write this before dinner and study afterwards. I'm not terribly busy today, but as usual how to get some things done ahead. I didn't have to go to gym today, so I have an extra period of time. I took my dividend check down to the bank a few minutes ago. He charged me $0.10 exchange. Is that all [page 2] right? I'm under the impression that Papa told me that the S.B. & Co. truxton have to be charged on. I haven't paid any exchange before. If I'm right, please tell me what to tell the bank next time. We're having cold weather now. The paper said it was 4º and Boston yesterday. I don't suffer any except in my face and fingers. Catherine gauge got us $1.50 seats for Bernhardt in the third row, [ deletion: second] first balcony. We are simply crazy about going. You're trying to find out all we can about the play, which is “ Camille” - we got from the library René Doumics “Portraits L’ “Ecrivans”Which has an essay on Dumas (Fils). we feel so big greeting [page 3] the French. I don't see that is going to hurt us any to cut one class. Mine is French anyway. Shirley Bernhardt teach me more of that than Mis Bolas! Saturday night is a Sophomore Barn play, “She Stoops to Conquer.” With that and the French play Monday night, and I ought to be sufficiently steeped in plays to be able to write one for Crofton. The girls want to have it soon after midyears! If you saw the little verse Miss Day sent, you must know how cute it is. I will write and thank her for it soon. I'm glad your trip was so well under way, and I hope you'll have nice weather for it. Don't hurry [page 4] back too soon. I will look up the union suits again, although I'm not worrying about them until I need them. The package containing the sandal came all right. I referred to it indefinitely by saying that we had some nice pillows. I'm planning to send my laundry next Monday. Would that be alright? In it I am going to prove you things that I don't need here any more. Esther had to pay 80 cents on a package of laundry that came from home today. Isn't that the limit? Must stop now. Lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life;Tradition and Ritual


Money; Theater; Bernhardt, Sarah, 1844-1923; Sophomore Play; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 January 17



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