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Letter to mother about getting the directory, planning Helen's trip, towel rack, orchestra audition, gym class, and walking through Needham, Dana Hall, and Hunnewell Gardens.


[stationary heading] Wellesley College Wellesley, Mass. 3 Norfolk Terrace 22 November, 1910. Dear Mamma,- Actually I have no studying to do this evening! I have been sewing and looking at the new directory, which just came out today. By the way, do you want one? Today has been slightly rainy but there is no snow as yet. Esther says it will snow tomorrow [page 2] but that isn’t any sure sign you know. I hope the weather will be halfway decent while Helen is here. Really I haven’t any idea when to expect her, after all you have written. Esther and I are planning to spend tomorrow a.m. in the station, and meet all the trains in both directions. I have all my studying done for this week and part for next. So you see I can enjoy my vacation in peace. Esther leaves about noon tomorrow. [page 3] We had the towel rack fixed this morning. I am marking my towels and wash cloths with red embroidery silk. Our towel rack in the bath room [mis-spelling: bathroom] got so full that we put up a sign, “Rent space on this rack five cents per week” - You should have seen the towels disappear! I had my trial for the orchestra today right after Botany, I was awfully nervous over it. I hadn’t anything with me to play of course so he got out some music. (“He” means Mr. Albert T. Foster). I can’t say whether I’m “in” or not but I [page 4] will know within a [deletion: month] week. The afternoon bell signals have been arranged so that we have an extra few minutes to get over to gym. IT makes it very nice. Our teacher told us today (the class in “Sight Gymnastics”) that part of our work will consist of learning dancing steps and later dancing to music. How nice for me! Yesterday Esther and I got ambitious and took a walk. We went out toward Needham a ways and wandered through the woods. When we got back we had hot [page 5] chocolate and a college ice in the drug store. Then we started out again and we went way out past Dana Hall and came back another way. After studying all the evening we took another walk: way out past Hunnewell Gardens a mile or two. It was great and we slept, well-! We could just barely pull out of bed this morning. I want to take a bath and get to bed early tonight Katherine Gage and Ruth Benjamin are in here now. Its awfully hard to write when everyone [page 6] is talking. I don’t care about coming home in the sleepy -- oh shucks! Ruth B. is singing and it distracts me so. I mean that the reason I asked to come home by Buffalo was so I could come with Nell; then I wouldn’t have to go in the sleeper alone. I wouldn’t mind changing at Albany if I was with some one. I want to know rather soon which way I am going so I can write Grace Witter. She goes home the same day you see. I have taken in about a dollar and a half from the pictures [page 7] Julia sent. It comes in rather handy. I hadn’t thought about going over to stay with Helen but perhaps I will, if I can get her approved by Miss Swift as a chaperon [mis-spelling: chaperone] - My cuff buttons are in the blue waist as you said. I hadn’t thought of that one. Well I want to take a bath so will close. With love as usual Mary


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Buildings and Grounds;Faculty, Staff and Administrators;Student Life


Travel; Wellesley College. Orchestra; Physical education and training; Hunnewell Gardens

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1910 November 22



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