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Letter to mother about shopping trip to Boston and visiting the Boston Public Library, rushing to make the train back, and dinner at the McDowells'. Includes advertisements for three pairs of shoes.


11 The Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 10 January, 1911. Dear Mamma,- We had such an exciting time in Boston yesterday that I must tell you about it. We went in on the 2.02 train and first went up to Stowell’s, a swell jewelry place which K. Gage recommended, as I wanted to see what made my watch run so irregularly. The man told me it needed cleaning so I left it there. Then we went to Willson’s shoe store (the one which sent me the discount card) and I got me some shoes as [page 2] in the illustration. With my ten per cent off I only had to pay $4.05. Next I went in a picture shop and got a picture in a brown frame. I have put Florence’s picture in the frame in place of the one that was there. It hangs over my desk and looks lovely. I wanted to relieve the congestion of pictures on my chiffonier and besides, preserve the picture. After buying some ruching at Jordan Marsh’s we took a car out to the Boston Public Library. We were up in the top floor about four-thirty studying the allegorical pictures by John R. Sargent, where all of a sudden [deletion: illegible] an old man walked up and began to talk to us about the Assyrians and the history of the zodiac [page 3] and a lot more. He supposed we were little schoolgirls and thought he was telling us some valuable things, but we had read the description of the picture and knew he was getting the whole thing hopelessly tangled up. After he has raved on for about a half an hour I began to get worried, because we wanted to make the 6.05 train and meanwhile get our dinner. Finally we managed to get away from him, and went down town. We went to child’s restaurant for lack of a better place. Esther had never been in one before and was rather scared. We came out of there at five minutes of six and you should have seen us tearing down Summer St. Our practise in walking at Wellesley came in to good use. We arrived in South Station at exactly six-sive and through the gate I saw a train just [page 4] pulling out. I didn’t know what train it was, but made a guess at it and we tore out there. The brakeman on the back platform helped us on, he said “If you want to take the chance -.” While climbing up the steps I gasped out, “Wellesley?” He answered, “Wellesley. Can you jump?” This last to Esther. You see we rather had to make that train so I would have time to dress for Miss McDowell’s. The latter occasion was interesting if less exciting. I was some late but had a good time. She and Mrs. Wiegand entertained together. There were lots there. Mrs. McDowell wanted to be remembered to you. I also bought the Atlantic Monthly in Boston. We can’t get it here in Wellesley. Had quite a busy day today. Must stop now and study. With lots of love Mary. P.S. Miss Swift is sick with rhumatism [mis-spelling: rheumatism] or something. She hasn’t been in the dining room since we came back. P.S. There is skating on the lake!


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Boston, Massachusetts


Student Life


Shopping; Passenger trains; Shoes; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 January 10



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