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Letter to mother about making a fancy dinner with friends, going into Boston for a concert at Chickering Hall with an audience of half men, desire to practice music again, new issue of the Wellesley Magazine, and updates on how homework and classes have been going.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 25 October, 1910. Dearest Mamma,- I will take time to write you tonight because I have no lessons to get for tomorrow. You see I got my Math. yesterday on train. Smart thing! I am actually planning my work so as to get a little done ahead. Then perhaps I won't get tired out in the middle of the week. I'm going to bed early tonight for a change, although I don't feel especially sleepy. Oh I've just had the grandest dinner; I’m so thankful that my digestion is good. We had a party at [page 2] our table tonight. The color scheme was white and silver; we all were white with silver ornaments. Then we had green spruce branches banked on the table with a candle in center. At each place was a little tiny candle, in a candle-stick made of a spool covered with silver paper, and a little flag attached, with Wellesley seal and our names. We had a special course of grape fruit [mis-spelling: grapefruit], also at the end with our ice cream we had fudge dressing and angel food cake with fudge frosting - Oh it was bliss! I had two dishes of ice cream- Yesterday we went to Boston on the 1:03 train. We got up from the lunch table at ten minutes of, so you can imagine how we flew up stairs after our [page 3] hats, coats, etc. When we did get to the station we had to wait three minutes! We needn’t have gone on that early train but Esther had some shopping to do. It was a perfect day and we had a dandy time. I wonder if you know where Chickering Hall is? It is right next to that open space in front of the Christian Science church. The concert was splendid. The audience was not especially large, but one thing about it I noticed; fully half were men. That’s something we never see in our part of the country. A mail-man came in for a while and sat next to us. Think of his paying a dollar for only a few numbers. I did so enjoy hearing music once more. I realize more than ever what I’m missing. Next year I think I’ll simply have to take lessons. It drives me wild to [page 4] go past Music Hall several times a day and hear the people practicing. I went in Oliver Ditson’s and got a violin string, also three songs with obligato. “Chantez, Riez, Dormez” in E♭., Barcarolle from Contes d’Hoffman, and Lullaby from Jocelyn. I want Julia Snow to sing them with me if she will, but you can anyway. Am so sorry you have not been feeling well lately. Perhaps you have too many social engagements, or don’t I write often enough? I had the greatest long letter from Florence today. Her letters are few and far between lately but when they do come, are worth going miles to see. We had garden work in Botany today. It really wasn’t bad. We planted tulips in a garden back of the Barn. I got [page 5] Through early and came home to lunch, what a laundry! It hasn’t happened before in a month, on Tuesday. We had egg salad and it was delicious. This afternoon I had a History quizz which was quite bad but it is over now. Alice Coseo has been having a bad time with one of her teeth. Has been to the dentist several times. Last night I sat up till eleven o’clock copying my English Theme, but that doesn’t happen but once a week, for which be thankful. I’m feeling perfectly fine now; I’m glad the Sutherlands thought I looked well. Yesterday in Chickening Hall Esther saw a lady that she knew. The weather here continues nice. Today it was warm enough to go without coats. Now guess how warm! We are expecting great things to happen next Monday. Halloween is a great festival here I guess. Well it’s eight thirty so I must close. Haven’t heard anything about orchestra yet. The “Wellesley Magazine” came out today. My faculty adviser is Miss Bliss (my Botany teacher). With lots of love as ever. Mary [image: drawing of her leaking atomizer]


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Boston, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Academics;Student Life


Concerts; Homework; Dinners and dining

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1910 October 25



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