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Letter to her mother about shopping in Boston, having two lunches, and finding out about a Francis MacMillen violin concert she wants to go to; her gym clothes; being asked by a friend to the Sophomore Prom; and some pictures she is getting developed.


3 Norfolk Terrace, Wellesley, Massachusetts 18 October, 1910. Dear Mamma,- Oh I am so tired! I have been up at college all day, and on top of it all had to go up to the gym and lug down a big box with thirteen dollars’ worth of gym clothes in it. I planned to ride back but changed my mind for the sake of walking down with two girls whom I don't care anything about. They live by East Lodge and I never met them till this afternoon. Since writing the above our lights on this floor went out and candes [mis-spelling: candles] have been in evidence. But they are on again now so it is alright. [page 2] Say while I think of it, will you or Papa please tell me which is the proper end to endorse a check on, the end you tear off or the other? This morning I saw Elizabeth Bryant at last! She came over to me in the library and spoke to me. I told her had been intending to come and see her, but something always prevented. But I think that now I’ll make a special effort. The next period after that, I was up in Stone Hall and Emily Pardee came in and invited me to go to the Sophomore Prom with her. It is the third week in November. I told her I would be delighted. Oh such glorious weather as we are having! I never saw anything so perfect in my life. This morning when we went to chapel the lake was shrouded in mist, but the sun was shining through, and brought out the colors beautifully. The water itself was as smooth as glass, and the reflection was so perfect that we could hardly tell where the water ended and the land began. I wished so much that you could all be here to see it. This morning I received a book from Dr. Banks' publishers. All those sermons on “The World's Childhood” in book form - I will write him as soon as I can but don't know when it will be. Was so glad to get the nice letter I'll let you know Julia yesterday. I had four letters, think of that! One from Helen. And I had one from her Sunday; I simply cannot account for it. I also had a long letter from Ruth which was quite a surprise. Yesterday morning we arose at 6:30 and prepared for a visit to Boston. We went to breakfast [page 3] promptly and took the 8:11 train. There were six of us going: Julia, Katherine Mayo, Dorothy, Nell, Esther and I. Dorothy didn't get up till quarter of eight but she managed to make the train. The first thing I saw in Boston was Mr. & Mrs. Sutherland walking up the platform. I spoke to them and they seemed quite glad to see me. We made visits at the Columbia Bathing Suit Co. on South St., Sorosis Shoe Co. on Boylston St., then went to Jordan Marshes and did our other buying. Then to kill time we took a ride out to Symphony Hall and back. We went to two places for lunch; First to the “Acorn” & had a “twenty-five cent special” but Esther was still hungry so we went to the “English tea Room” and had another. Both are quiet [mis-spelling: quite] nice places upstairs over those shoe and candy places on Tremont St. We came home at 1:20 and got here at two. We thought the weather was too nice to stay in so we took our studying up in the Hunnewell Gardens. It was [page 4] perfectly blissful up there, I'm so sorry you couldn't have gone up when you were here. But I took several pictures so if they are good perhaps you can get some idea. We stayed up there until after five. Last night at 9:30 we went to a spread and Ruth Benjamin's room (under us). Had a good time of course. I seem to feel no ill effects from eating all hours of the day and night, and especially, eating everything, even fish. We finished yesterday the three pounds of grapes that we bought Saturday night. While Boston I learned that Francis Macmillan is to give a violin recital next Monday at three o’clock. You won't care if I go, will you? Today I discovered my name was posted, to please call for my gym suit, so I had to cut French and come down [page 5] to the bank for some money. But I didn't care. It's my first cut, and besides, the lesson wasn't anything important. My gym suit consists of dark waist & bloomers, athletic shirt and two middy waists. Everything is marked “M.Rosa” so that saves me considerable trouble. Well I must study Math and get to bed early so goodbye for now. Am intending to send a roll of film home to be developed. Your loving Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Boston, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Buildings and Grounds;Student Life


Concerts; MacMillen, Francis, 1885-1973; Shopping; Proms; Photographs

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1910 October 18



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