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Letter to her mother describing her busy schedule, a trip into Boston to see "Hamlet," her plans to go to Mount Auburn Cemetery, and disbelief at the end of her college career, campus beauty, and discussing arrangements for Commencement.


148 West Concord St. 24 May, 1914 Dear Mother: Helen has just gone to Sunday School so I will be most filial and begin this. We have just finished getting dressed, so you can see we were real wicked and did not go to church. I don't know why, but I think the reason was that we didn't get up in time. When you did not have a letter from me yesterday, you doubtless remember that I was being busy. Allow me to report [page 2] that I am still alive and apparently not much the worse for my strenuous week. I finished the Lit. paper before breakfast, Wednesday morning; spent Wednesday & Thursday (besides going to Stu. G. meeting, class meeting, and 2 SS business meetings) on my History paper; Friday from 6 A.M. on I studied Physics - but not enough, as it turned out. I didn't know much in the quiz but I guess she'll pass us anyway. That evening I was tired and cross as a bear, so I didn't go to Tree Day costume inspection, but addressed invitations instead. Henceforth I expect to be able to breathe each day. [page 3] Last night's party was most thrilling. Helen & I went to the theater & met the Society & chaperones there. There was an extra ticket, so Helen sat with us. Hamlet was good but rather lonesome without Julia Warlowe. You see she has not been playing since fall, on account of ill health. But she sat in the box with Miss Hart part of the time, where we could watch her. Then we went up afterwards to see them. Mrs. Sothern is very proud of her Shakespeare pin which she is wearing. They were both interested to hear about our plays, and asked who had the different parts. They will not be able to come out to Wellesley because they are sailing for Europe this week. We got out of the theater at just twelve. The bunch had a special trolley to go back, but Helen and I were able to get to bed quite soon. We're going to call on Antoinette White this afternoon, and then to Mt. Auburn Cemetery with Mr. Piper and the rest. I believe we are invited to some Professor’s in Cambridge for supper - These are great doings of Helen’s! [page 4] The laundry came just as I was starting out yesterday, which relieved my mind much. I was somewhat afraid it had been lost. The card I sent in the invitation will show you that there are not many things going on in the mornings. I believe there will be regular morning chapel, at least until Sunday, and on Saturday morning we are to serenade Mrs. Durant, as it is her birthday. I think guests usually stroll around the campus in the mornings, go on the lake, etc. I do not think you will need “glad rags” but it will probably be too hot for a suit. [page 5] Baccalaureate sermon and Commencement occur in the morning. Any good dress that wasn't too evening-y would be all right for those. Garden Party is the most dressy thing I know of. I do not know who attends Miss Pendleton's reception. I got a much-needed dress yesterday for $5.55. It is to wear around to classes, as the pink linen is too heavy for warm weather and white waists soil so fast. distress is sort of cotton voile, flowered, & has a black girdle. It came from Filene’s as you may guess. By the way are any of my [page 6] short white petticoats at home? I don't think I had many at College this year - They might be good to wear under transparent dresses. If there are any, will you send them? Also, I want to know the address of Mr. Merrit, Will Sackett, and May Holmes, if you can tell me. Tree Day on Friday of this week is the big event we are looking forward to. You see there are no classes after Thursday. It's hard to believe that my education is so nearly over. The campus is beautiful just now with lilacs, and the speria van houte are just out. It makes me wonder about the shrubs at home. With lots of love, Mary


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life;Tradition and Ritual


Marlowe, Julia, 1865-1950; Theater; Commencement ceremonies; Mount Auburn Cemetery (Cambridge, Mass.); Tree Day; Commencement

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1914 May 24



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