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Letter to mother about mother's planned trip, dorm life, French teacher's recommendation that she see Sarah Bernhardt's final performance in Boston, plans to attend the Alliance Francaise's upcoming play, and wanting to go shopping in Boston.


11 The Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 12 january 1911. Dear Mamma,- I write in the midst of difficulties as usual. Esther and I have been wasting a lot of time, and now Ruth Benjamin is in here to ask me about her math. I have already explained the same thing to Julia and Ethel Brown this evening. Its good practise for me of course. I am so sorry that my last week’s letter didn’t get there till Monday. The reason was that I forgot to take it down stairs when I went to breakfast Friday morning, so the postman didn’t take it when he went. I’m glad to know that you are planning to go away soon, although I [page 2] thought the water trip would be nice. Won’t it be fun to write letters to you down in Florida somewhere? I wonder where I will get my Wellsville news while you are gone? I’m glad that Helen heard Sothern and Marlowe, but it makes me green with envy. I’ve wished ever since I gave up going that time, that I had taken the chance when I had it. But there is something now that I want to see. Sarah Burnhardt [mis-spelling: Bernhardt] is playing these two weeks in Boston in repertoire. The papers say that it is her last visit to America and final appearance in Boston. I’m crazy to hear her. Besides, our French teacher told us today to go and hear her if we possibly could. She said, “It will be the most wonderful French that you will even hear in your lives. I want to go if I can possibly arrange it, but the matinees come on days when I have two afternoon classes, and Saturdays (this week and next) I expect to have to work [page 3] on an awful research theme which is due the 24th. One thing I am going to, and that is the French play given by the Alliance Francaise on the 23rd. Dorothy Straine is the president of the A.F. and also in the play, and she says it will be perfectly wonderful, and very clever. I evidently forgot to make clear that the girl who has the automobile and the desk is one of those two Los Angeles girls who did go home for Christmas. She has some peachy new clothes since she came back, too. Dr. Miller is a man of business to persuade you that it isn’t the treatments which hurt you. I hope that they or the long strolls you are taking, will get you fixed so that you will enjoy your trip. I don’t think that I need the warmer nightgowns yet. You know I have one here in case it should suddenly get cold, but the others are all right so far. The weather is still nice,- it has rained a little [page 4] today but not enough to hurt. The cold wave must be skipping Wellesley as did every other. I have three clean union suits (short sleeved) and three of the thick yellow long-sleeved ones. I didn’t seem to find any of the other long sleeved ones except the one I wore out here. I seem to have a good supply of stockings, and two or three clean nightdresses. I forgot to bring back the program of Christmas Vespers, which was on your dresser the last I knew. I hope it is there yet, as I want it for my memory book. I’ve decided that I ought to do all of my shopping in Boston, because things are so reasonable there. I saw squirrel fur lined [deletion: dress] gloves in a window for $3.25 and pretty wash dresses (at Filene’s I think) for $2.85 or something like that. You better stop around here just before Easter and buy me some clothes, so I won’t have to have any sewing done at home. Must stop now. Lovingly Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life


Theater; Bernhardt, Sarah, 1844-1923; Shopping; French; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 January 12



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