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Letter to parents about approaching midyears and Glee Club concert, a sermon by the Bishop of Eastern Massachusetts, an upcoming shopping trip to Boston, and Hygiene class.


11 The Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 8 January, 1911. Dear People,- It is Sunday night once more and I am writing letters under the difficulties of Katherine Gage playing a mandolin and Esther asking me questions about her French, which she is doing. You can imagine that my thoughts don’t flow very freely in such circumstances. I tried to write to Aunt Mary, but gave up in dispair [mis-spelling: despair] after doing two pages. [page 2] Life here is rather void of excitement just now. The only thing we have to talk about is midyears’. That isn’t an especially cheerful subject of course. There is nothing going on before there that I know of. The Glee Club Concert is the 11th of February. Helen Stearns is in here now discussing fingers and rings. I went to chapel with Lois Kugler tonight. The musical vespers were good, as usual. It was kind of a remnant of Christmas music. I suppose that is the last we will hear until the first of next December. This morning we had a sermon by the Bishop of Eastern Massachusetts. [page 3] Episcopal of course, but good. Tomorrow we are going in to Boston to get some shoes, etc. In the evening I am invited over to Miss McDowell’s. I think she is entertaining her advisees and invited me out of pity. I don’t care about going but thought I better. Yesterday and today are nice spring days. The snow is all gone except in the woods. The squirrels have come out and are playing around just as they used to. The package arrived yesterday afternoon about six o’clock. I have my three pillows fixed up now and the couch looks fine. This morning we had a streak and straightened [page 4] the room all up. We have put one of the mirrors over between the windows, so that the other end looks less crowded. Friday night Esther didn’t feel well, so we didn’t go to dinner, and had a tray sent up. Yesterday morning we didn’t get up to breakfast, so we had to go down town [mis-spelling: downtown] and get something to eat about ten o'clock. Our Hygiene Lecture Thursday was by Dr. Worcester of Emmanuel Church Boston, the one who writes in the Ladies Home Journal about the power of mind over body. He gave us a lot of the same stuff, and we have to write a paper on it this week. Its getting late so I must stop. With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Religion and Spirituality;Student Life


Examinations; Glee Club; Preaching; Shopping; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her parents, 1911 January 8



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