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Letter to mother about the upcoming stress of "midyears," Glee Club concert, feelings of homesickness among the freshmen, and friend Frank's visit to Wellesley.


Wellesley, Massachusetts, 5 January 1911 Dear Mamma,- Just a few words to let you know that I am well and extremely busy. We have so much to do tonight that we simply haven’t done anything, - went down for the mail and called on a girl; since then we have been receiving callers ourselves, - about half of Crofton has been in here to discuss Math or Botany. I have a lesson or two to get yet but I thought I’d write for a few minutes to rest my mind. [page 2] We are all very much aware of Midyears now. They commence the first of February and last two weeks. I have Botany Wednesday morning Feb 1, French Thursday morning, Eng. Comp Friday morning, History Saturday afternoon, Math Tuesday a.m. [illegible] and Hygiene Thursday a.m. Esther suggested that I go home with her Thursday afternoon and stay over Sunday. It sounds rather nice. I certainly wouldn’t want to be here alone if she went. The glee club - concert is Saturday and Monday (Feb 11 and 13). That’s the great event of the winter you know. Men galore. [page 3] The Freshman class have unanimously decided that we don’t want to be here, that is, everyone is saying, “oh I don’t want to be here, I wish I was home.” I felt very much that way yesterday but am slightly recovered now. I had such a nice visit with Frank Crandall the other day. He’s really very nice, although I hadn’t known him at all before. We discussed college, Europe etc. After we ate supper he went up town and I didn’t see him again. My train was reported an hour and fifty minutes later but I got into the car and [page 4] It left before eleven o’clock. Helen Stearns came walking through the next morning. Esther came Tuesday afternoon and had done wonders with the room before I came. One of those California girls that I was telling about, received for Xmas an electric automobile and a rosewood desk. She has them both here and made a grand splurge tonight. I was in her room and it is great. Must stop and study some more. Lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life


Examinations; Homesickness; Glee Club; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1910 January 5



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