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Letter to her parents about attending Christmas vespers with her roommate and two "Harvard men," skating, receiving food and laundry, and preparing for trip home.


3 Norfolk Terrace, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 11 December, 1910. Dear People,- This must be a concentrated letter, for it is late (a little after ten), I am tired, and I have quite a lot to do tomorrow. Not studying, but sewing, and packing (joyous world!). You will doubtless be as much surprised as I have been, to hear what I have to tell you. We had Christmas Vespers tonight, and Esther [page 2] and I went with two men! Not that you will be surprised at Esther’s side of it, but of “quiet little Mary,” as Hester Kugler put it. Everyone here was surprised at me, but there were plenty more in the same circumstances so I wasn't conspicuous. You see Mr. Eusign, Esther's Harvard friend, had planned to come out, and the other day he called up to say that he had a classmate who wanted to come along. Of course Esther told her to bring him, and the natural thing was for me to help her entertain him. They came at six-thirty and went at nine-fifty. This man's name is Thomson or something similar; he [page 3] is about seven feet high and three feet wide; looks something like Alfred McArthur. I had a curiosity to see what Harvard men were like, but if these two were samples, I don't see what higher education does for men. They were just as foolish as ordinary beings. Most of the time after we got back, was spent and telling us about a few stunts of theirs. Esther said she never was quite so bored before. The vesper service was perfectly wonderful though. The chapel was masked full;- people sitting on the altar steps and standing in rows all around the walls, all up and down the gallery stairs and even outdoors [page 4] I guess. We stood up, by the door of the Freshman Transept. I'll bring the program home so you can see what we heard. When we came home we got into a grand mix-up. Ten (10) girls here had men, and they were sitting all around in the halls and in Miss Swift’s room. We sat in the latter place. This morning we had a very good sermon by Dr. Syman Abbott. The choir sang a Christmas anthem but I don't know the name of it. Yesterday the official announcement was posted that the ice was safe for skating. Esther borrowed a pair of skates and went across the lake once. The ice is perfectly wonderful; [page 5] she said she could see her reflection in it. Today it has snowed some, which may spoil the skating if it keeps on. The laundry came safely with the enclosed eatables. Thank you heaps. We had the spread last night as planned, and everyone enjoyed it immensely. Those walnut wafers went like hot cakes. Everyone wanted to know how they were made, but I couldn't tell them, so there is no danger of anyone getting the trade away from you. Imagine twenty people in this room at once! We had lots of fun. Friday I got my berth ticket and [page 6] baggage checks. My berth is no. 12 in car 4, and Nell Beach’s is no. 11. Did you ever see such luck? The baggage man insisted to me that the N.Y.C. mileage was not good on the B. & S., but I told him my father said it was, so he finally [deletion: illegible] consented to check the stuff through. I am going to send it Wednesday so it ought to be there by the time I arrive. I'm going to bring both suit-cases, as I keep thinking of things I want to have with me. I will bring my violin if you like, but rather hate to play it all the time. For instance, at the S.B. & Co. banquet. [page 7] I would much rather go as President’s daughter than as a member of the hired Orchestra. Esther is very happy as she got a check today. It looks good to me, as she owes me some of it. I am on my last legs as regards money again, - expect I will have to overdraw my account to get home. Think I will stop and go to bed. Isn't it advisable? See you in a few days. With lots of love, Mary. P.S. Don't forget to let me know if I can go up to Alfred.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Buildings and Grounds;Religion and Spirituality;Student Life


Christmas; Vespers; Travel; Skating; Lake Waban

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her parents, 1910 December 11



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