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4 pages + 2 Thanksgiving Menus


Letter to parents about her letter writing quota, missing vespers, attending Bible class, upcoming Junior Play, disappointing Botany grades, and arrangements to visit friends at Alfred University over Christmas vacation. Includes two page menu for Thanksgiving Dinner at Ridgeway Refectory.


3 Norfolk Terrace Wellesley, Massachusetts, 4 December, 1910. Dearest People,- I’ve just finished writing my ninth letter so now I’ll begin this. I have only a few more to write. You see I have a number which must be done, and I know that to-day is my last chance. I have been writing ever since two o’clock, with the exception of about an hour, and it is now ten p.m. I intended to go to vespers tonight, but decided that it was rather important to get these letters done. I haven't missed a service since the sixth of November, so I guess I’m not [page 2] very wicked am I? I got up in time for morning prayers today and also went to Bible Class this afternoon. It was very good and I was sorry I hadn’t been able to go before. But I didn’t know about it the first Sunday, and last Sunday I was too busy to go. It meets in Constance Hapgood’s room at five o’clock and there are seven or eight of us who belong. We have a little book with daily readings in it, and on Sundays Helen Curtis ‘08 comes and talks them over with us. Our sermon this morning was by a Dr McAffie from Brooklyn. It wasn't anything remarkable. He knows Marjorie Boynton, so she had him to dinner at Ridgway last night. She also had her sisters [page 3] down from the campus, and they had very select party at Miss Swift’s table. Mildred Frink went away last Monday to attend a wedding in Philadelphia, and hasn’t come back yet. Isabelle Noyes has been staying over here for a few days. She isn’t as sociable as Mildred, and takes things more seriously. A number of the girls have decided that they don’t like her but I haven’t formed any such opinion yet. Tomorrow I must study hard for two quizzes and go to the Junior Play. The latter will probably take all the afternoon as we have to go early to get seats. But I have my theme done, so I won’t have to sit up late tomorrow night. [page 4] Friday I had the most discouraging time. We got back our quizz papers in Botany and mine was marked “Low Pass.” Of course I was awfully discouraged at such a mark, so I immediately arranged for a conference with Miss Bliss. You see I was so afraid it would detract from my credit standing. I had my conference yesterday morning and got no encouragement, but we are going to have another quizz Tuesday so I hope to bring my standing up. My other quizz will be in History. I may have mentioned some time ago that I intended to visit Daisie and Katharine at Alfred when I got home. Daisie writes me that their vacation commences [page 5] on Tuesday or Wednesday before Christmas, so I think that the best time to go up would be Sunday night when she goes. May I do it? I’m very anxious to go up there and she is very anxious to have me. I meant to tell you about my cold but its been so insignificant that I never thought of it when writing. But its all gone now, thanks to the atomizer. Well Esther is scolding me for not going to bed so I think I’ll take her advice and close. With lots of love, Mary P.S. This has been a beautiful day. Not so cold as the last few. [page 6] [stationary heading] Wellesley College Wellesley, Mass. Menu Thanksgiving Dinner Ridgway Refectory Grape Fruit with candied cherries Cream of Pea Soup with whipped cream Fried Fish Scallops Sandwiches Dressing Potato balls Olives Roast Turkey Mashed Potato Olives Dressing. Onions Celery Sweet Potato Cranberry Ice Fruit Salad Olives Toasted cheese crackers Pumpkin Pie cheese (over) [page 7] Pistachio Ice Cream and frozen cream - Salted almonds Lady fingers. Assorted nuts Raisins Coffee Fruit To bring home we each had an apple and a small pie in a tin -


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Academics;Religion and Spirituality;Student Life;Tradition and Ritual


Letter writing; Theater; Grading and marking (Students); Christmas; Menus

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her parents, 1910 December 4



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