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Letter to mother about travel plans for Christmas, how much baggage and laundry to bring home, and meeting a friend.


3 Norfolk Terrace Wellesley, Massachusetts, 1 December, 1910. Dear Mamma,- I couldn’t put a letter in my laundry this morning, but perhaps this will reach you about as soon. The chief item of interest about now seems to be the Christmas vacation. We have to fill out blanks telling on what train we are going, etc. Are agent of the B & A. comes to the college to sell tickets and check baggage anywhere in this country. I went down to the station this [page 2] afternoon and engaged my birth on train 49 from Boston to Buffalo, Dec. 15th The girl don’t want to double up so I’ll have to take it alone. But probably I would sleep better. I’ve decided to get the mileage so will save my money accordingly. I have figured up about what my expenses will be before leaving, so that I won’t run short. I happened to think - couldn’t I bring my laundry suit case home with me if the bellows wouldn’t hold all I wanted, or would the two exceed 150 lbs? What do I want to bring home anyway? Three weeks is quite a long time to live out of a suitcase of two. Do you suppose I would be likely to need my pink dress? My evening coat? Is anybody thinking of getting married about that time? [page 3] I have to know how many pieces of baggage I am going to have so as to get my checks of the man up at college. As to the laundry, and eatables you are going to send, I’m not particular what it is only so it is something good. And remember there are twenty-two of us. If you were crowded for room in the suitcase, you could leave out some of the clothes you see I won’t need more than one change of underwear before I come home. I received the cloth and lace this afternoon. I also had a letter from Dr. Banks. He is a wonderful correspondent lately. It keeps me busy answering his letter. I had a talk with Miss Homans yesterday and I’m more discouraged [page 4] than ever. We had the unexpected pleasure of a cut in Hygiene this morning, which relieved the pressure somewhat. I attended C.A. meeting tonight and it was very good. The speaker was Miss Anna Brown ‘09. Did I tell you that Frances Kelly was here last week? She was down at Ridgway for dinner one night and I spoke to her. She thanked me for my “nice little note”. We are having our first real snow. The ground has been white for two days now, although the air isn’t as cold as it has been. I have a punctuation quizz in English Saturday and a History quizz Tuesday. And one week to dress the doll in! Well, such is life in Wellesley. With loving thought, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Student Life


Travel; Luggage; Christmas

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1910 December 1



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