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Letter to parents about Helen's visit; attending a Tradition Meeting featuring the Dean, Miss Tufts, Katharine Lee Bates, E.H. Sothern, and Julia Marlowe; Sophmore Prom; Junior Play; and plans to come home. Includes note at end from Helen about her visit to Wellesley, finishing a paper, seeing girls from Silver Bay, and Mary's plans to travel home.


[image: Wellesley College seal] SIGILLVM COLLEGII WELLESLEIANI NON MINISTRARI SED MINISTRARE 3 Norfolk Terrace Wellesley, Massachusetts, 27 November, 1910. Dearest People,- Here we are, both of us, and Esther too, writing letters on Sunday afternoon. Martha Myers has been here to dinner and she just went. We had a fairly good dinner but there were a lot of guests and it was rather mixing to try to introduce anybody. Martha invited us all to take lunch with her at the Inn tomorrow. (I mean Helen and Esther and I). [page 2] Letter writing is a very slow process since writing the above, two girls have called, one of them a “Hyena” from Mt. Vernon, that Helen has tried to look up. This morning we ate breakfast in bed as usual. It was quite a meal too. We had grape fruit, bread and butter, currant jelly, maple cake, apples and nabiscos. Helen slept in Esther’s bed again last night and Esther slept in Katherine Gage’s. It was the coldest night we have had yet. We had to hurry to get to church. We had to sit way in the back as it was. The attendance was large [page 3] because Dr. Robert E. Spear spoke. The house seems very nice with all the girls back in it. K. Gage had a spread Friday night but we didn’t go. Esther was very tired and I didn’t feel like it because I had just had a big dinner. Helen and I went to the Inn and we had two kinds of fudge cake with our ice cream. She went to French and History classes with me and there we read in the library a while. At 4:30 attended a “Tradition Meeting” in College Hall center. It was very interesting but we had to stand up all the while until six o’clock, which took the edge off from the excitement somewhat. [illegible: Sorthern?] and Marlowe were in the reception room and we [page 4] cheered them, then there were speech by the Dean, Miss Tufts, Katharine Lee Bates, and a few others who graduated years ago. They told us stories about what used to happen when the college was new. Yesterday we attended chapel service and Helen went to a German class with Katherine Mayo. In the afternoon I studied awhile and then went to the Sophomore Prom. I hated to go like everything, but wearing my pink dress consoled me somewhat. I went with Emily Pardu and I had a perfectly grand time. It was a very pretty sight, as the Barn was decorated in the 1913 colors and everybody was all [page 5] dressed up. We got home just in time for dinner. Helen is occupied in her spare moments by getting drinks and calling up [Greek symbols] girls in Boston. She hasn’t succeeded in seeing any of them yet though. We don’t know whether we are going in Tomorrow or not. I seem to have quite a little studying to do and must attend a French lecture in the evening. The Junior Play is next Monday. I got my invitation yesterday. You know I am going with Elizabeth Bryant. [page 6] Could you send me something to make underclothes for me doll? Or else tell me what to buy. I want to get at it sometime soon. I wish I could know how you have decided to have me come home, Katharine Mayo says that if I am going with them, let them know soon, because they want to reserve the berths. I really think I would rather go with them than go alone, if the expense wasn’t much greater. We have a quizz in Botany Tuesday. Isn’t it awful? It seems hard to get down to work again, but we have the comforting thought, that we have only about two weeks [page 7] more of it. Well I will retire and leave the field to Helen. Yours lovingly, Mary. [written by Helen Rosa] Dear people - Well, according to what Mary says you’ll think I do nothing but drink water and talk over the phone. It isn’t quite so bad as that, however. Yesterday while Mary was at the Prom. I started a German paper and finished it in the evening. It is a report which has to be in some time before midyear, and so now I have it off my mind. Friday night [page 8] I staid [mis-spelling: stayed] over at Ferguson’s, and when I woke up and looked at the clock, it said quarter after ten. I forgot to wind it the night before. I didn’t have any idea what time it was, and I was afraid it was late, so I hurried as fast as I could, and when I was nearly dressed I heard the clock downstairs strike seven. That was quite a relief, so I took my time after that. I had a nice hot bath over there yesterday afternoon. I was afraid the tub would be too much in demand here. [page 9] I have seen most of the Wellesley girls that I knew at Silver Bay, and have met several others whom I saw there. It seems like Silver Bay days to see the familiar faces. I feel quite at home here now, for I know all the Crofton girls and quite a number of others. I certainly think Mary is lucky in getting into the Crofton. It is such a nice house, and the girls are lovely. They have all been so nice to [page 10] me, and I actually hate to think of going back, for I’m having such a good time. It will be awfully hard to get down to work again. Am glad you had such a good time at Ralston, and I hope you have gotten rested from the trip. Only three weeks till I see you! Heaps of love, Helen I think it would be much pleasanter for Mary to come home by way of Buffalo with the other girls, than to come the other way. I know what a lone- [page 11] some feeling it is, to be alone, and as Grace doesn’t get on till midnight she would be practically no company at all. And it if only three hours difference in the time of reaching home. She ought to know right away, for there will be an awful rush for births [mis-spelling: berths] just that night. [written by Mary Rosa] P.S. I met a girl yesterday who was in Crofton last year and she said, “You were here last spring weren’t you? I remember your mother stopped some of us on the steps and asked us how we liked the place.” I think that is remarkable.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Faculty, Staff and Administrators;Alum Activities;Student Life


Bates, Katharine Lee, 1859-1929; Sothern, E. H. (Edward Hugh), 1859-1933; Marlowe, Julia, 1865-1950; Travel; College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her parents, 1910 November 27



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