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Letter to parents about planning Helen's trip, hearing a sermon by the Bishop of Central Pennsylvania, following the Harvard-Yale game, quizzes and homework, giving a friend fiddle lessons, and upcoming orchestra trial.


[stationary heading] Wellesley College Wellesley, Mass. 11 The Crofton, 20 November, 1910. Dearest People,- Esther has gone walking with Katharine Gage so I’m here alone. I declined the invitation to go because I want to get as much done as possible; I’m determined not have to study or write letters while Helen is here, I’ve planned a very rigorous program for tomorrow and Tuesday, but after that, oh my! The other night I lay in bed a long time planning just [page 2] what I’m going to do all the time Helen is here, so as to get as much sightseeing etc, done, as possible. There are so many things here and in Boston that I want to show her, that it may be a kind of a tight squeeze to get them all in. This morning we both woke up in time for breakfast, which is a very unusual occurrence I assure you. But as we happened to have some eatables on hand (for the first time in many weeks), we resolved not to get up, so I turned over for another nap and Esther tried to keep warm. After a while we ate our zweibach [mis-spelling: zwiebach], [page 3] crab apple jelly and sweet chocolate, and read in bed until it was time to go church. Esther was quite provoked at me for remembering in time to go, as she knew that if I went she would have to, and she preferred to read Shakespeare. But I visited, and I am sure we both felt better for it. The sermon was very good, being by the Bishop of Central Pennsylvania, and the service of course Episcopal. Tonight the address is to be by someone from Boston under the management of the College Settlements Association. [page 4] This is another lovely day; don't you think our weather is wonderful? But perhaps we will have winter after awhile; I saw two signs of it the other day: one, the storm door at College Hall, and the other, some ice on Longfellow Pond. The ground has been frozen hard several times but always manages to thaw out again. Yesterday we had such an exciting time about the Harvard-Yale game. This house is about evenly divided in its sympathies so it made it interesting. I think Esther's the strongest yellow girl in the house. [page 5] see her brother graduated there and she knows several who are there now. Well when the news of the score came. - nothing to nothing -, she just about went wild. You know almost everyone thought that Harvard would win. There were two table parties at Ridgeway last night, - one Harvard and one Yale. The Yale table had a man at it, think of that! After dinner I brought my fiddle up stairs and gave Esther a lesson. [page 6] It seems that she used to take lessons when she was a little girl. A number of others were attracted by the melodious sounds and they came in. We had quite a hilarious time. My math quiz in the morning was a cinch. At least I thought so. Yesterday afternoon I spent in the Library, doing History and an English theme. I have my trial for the orchestra Tuesday at 12:30. I wish it was over but there. I have had a great time arranging for it. [page 7] The plan for Crofton to go in to “ As You Like It” has all gone to pieces. Miss Swift telephoned and found out that there weren't any seats left. Perhaps some of them will go to something else but I didn't think I would care to. Esther says Helen can have her bed the two nights she is gone, but it will cost me a dollar night just the same. Well it is about supper time so I must close and comb my hair. With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Religion and Spirituality


Preaching; Football; Examinations; Wellesley College. Orchestra; Violin; College Hall; Longfellow Pond; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her parents, 1910 November 20



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