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Letter to mother about receiving fresh laundry, study and quiz schedule, gym class, travel arrangements home, and attending a Christian Association tea at Shakespeare House.


[stationary heading] Wellesley College Wellesley, Mass. 11 The Crofton, 17 November, 1910. Dearest Mamma,- The laundry which arrived his afternoon looked mighty good to me, for I’ve been wearing the same underclothes for ten days. I have just taken a bath tonight and and feel great. I also finished a letter to Florence which I started last night. You may guess from this that I’m not so dreadfully busy. The fact is I’ve been working ahead on account of going out to dinner tonight. But Dorothy Hard [page 2] decided she didn’t want me to come because she had so much to do, so here I am without much studying for tomorrow. To be sure, I could study ahead but it isn’t necessary at this time in the week. The season of quizzes has again arrived and everybody sits up late. We had a quizz in Hygiene this morning but it wasn’t a very serious one. I have one in Math Saturday and that’s all I know of so far. Gym today was quite nice; what I mean is that I got there in plenty of time and didn’t have to hurry; we had one half hour of good stiff drill and got out early; and I rode down [page 3] on the car and my fare was paid by another girl (Jeannette Mayer from Lincoln, Nebraska). I would have paid but I didn’t have the change and she did. She has exactly the same classes as I do so doubtless we will be coming down together again and I can make it up to her. Oh dear, but it’s cold! I wore my winter coat today for a change and a welcome change it was. I also wore my green dress, which is a very good one, by the way, to wear on gym days, as it took me just five minutes to dress. Your little sermon in the letter was just what I expected. I only went in Saturday to please Julia Snow, but wouldn’t care for it again. [page 4] Would it be against your judgment for me to come home by way of Buffalo? I could leave here Thursday afternoon, in that case, at four o’clock, in company with Nell Beach, Katharine Mayo, and one or two others, and go straight through to Buffalo, arriving there at 7 A.M. Then I could come down on the B. & S. You see the objection against the sleeper would be overcome if I went with the others, and I could get home at noon instead of at midnight. What do you think? What time does that train leave Buffalo in the morning? Yesterday afternoon I went to the C.A. tea. The Shakespeare house is just as dear as ever and the girls were lovely. I didn’t stay very long but drank a [page 5] cup of tea, visited with a few, and came away, I find that I’m not having as much trouble about visiting with strangers as I expected. At 5:30 we had a class meeting, called by the Dean, at which she appointed the chairman of the Freshman class, temporary until we elect officers in May. The lucky girl is Marjorie Kendall, no one whom I know, but she seems very capable, as she immediately took charge of the meeting while we elected a secretary, and appointed a constitution committee, the chairman of which, by the way, is Marjorie Boynton! [page 6] Have you any idea how much Helen’s room over at the Fergeson’s would be? No I don’t intend to take her to go at least once to see what it is like, I have invited Martha Myers down here for dinner on that Sunday, and we are rather planning to have a little breakfast in the room here. I wish you had sent a little something to eat in the laundry, as we owe the girls all kinds of feed. I had an invitation for another C.A. tea Saturday, but I think its a mistake and I’m not going. I want to get a good lot of studying done if possible. [page 7] Well, I must do my closing and get to bed. With heaps of love, Mary. P.S. Do you know where my cuff buttons are? I haven’t wanted them before, but couldn’t find them yesterday. P.S. We had a fire drill about quarter after seven yesterday morning. Imagine the scene! Some of the girls weren’t up yet and thought it was the rising bell. P.S. We had a nice view of the eclipse of the moon.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Religion and Spirituality;Student Life


Laundry; Examinations; Physical education and training; Travel; Afternoon teas; Shakespeare House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1910 November 17



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