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Letter to mother about about sharing notes with a friend, Christian Association meeting at the Shakespeare House, upcoming announcement of the chairman of the Freshman class, planning for Helen's visit, Sophomore Prom, and clothing.


[stationary heading] Wellesley College Wellesley, Mass. 11 The Crofton, 15 November, 1910. Dearest Mamma,- We are besieged with visitors this evening, who seem to thinks we have nothing to do but entertain them. I just put up a sign. “No more callers received until 7:45 A.M.” so perhaps it will be some better now. Elsie Fray has been in trying to find [page 2] out to do her Botany. She got my notes and read them all over carefully, which is against the express orders of Prof. Fergeson. I don’t know what we shall do with her. One night she came in just after we had gone to bed, made us turn on the lights,, and kept us awake nearly an hour asking us questions about the Botany quizz which she was to have the next day. Isn’t it awful? This will be a busy week I [page 3] am afraid, but the rush hasn’t commenced yet. Tomorrow I am invited to the C.A. “at Home to the New Members” from three to six in the Shakespeare House. At 4:20 we have Freshman meeting, at which will be announced the Chairman of the class, appointed by the Dean. We are afraid that it will not be Katherine Gage, because she flunked in Math for the month. You see you guessed wrongly as to the other two who had straight credit. They were Marguerite Gompf and Helen Humphrey. [page 4] Thursday is my worst day you know, and I am invited to College Hall for dinner. But when this week is over, I can have a good time, for next week will be a cinch. Yesterday morning we studied hard, then in the afternoon we went down town and Esther gave me a manicure treatment. I had five letters yesterday, how is that? They were from Julia, Helen, Ruth, Percy, and Tillie. I’ve had two letters and a postal today. I finally got up courage enough to go over to Fergeson’s. Mrs. F is [page 5] down stairs now. She said it would be all right about the room, and I told her Helen would arrive Wednesday morning, I’m planning as many nice things to do as possible, but haven’t got it quite straightened out yet. Someone said that Miss Swift was going to chaperon Crofton in to hear Sothern and Marlowe Wednesday night. Wouldn’t that be nice? The Sophomore Prom is Saturday of [page 6] that week. Yes, I’d like the fur gloves but you can’t get them there can you? We can now get Wellesley gauntlets with the seal on them, but I don’t know as they would be much warmer than ordinary gloves, I haven’t worn my pink dress ter but I’m thinking of wearing it to the Sophomore Prom if the weather is favorable. Gym was rather disgusting today but it won’t be so bad Thursday. I’m going to bring my gym underwear home and only wear [page 7] it on gym days. That would save some time up there. Well I must get to bed soon if possible, and meanwhile do a little French. With lots of love as ever. Mary- P.S. Helen wrote my of Genevieve Keaton’s new boy. Isn’t it nice? P.S. Do you realize that I’m coming home four week from Friday? P.S. Esther says her memories of her Freshman roommate will be [page 8] someone squeezing an atomizer. The tube leaks in several places and comes off easily so I think it will have to be replaced.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Academics;Religion and Spirituality;Student Life


College student government; Examinations; Proms; Clothing and dress; Shakespeare House; College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1910 November 15



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