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Letter to mother about gym class, plans to attend the Dean's Reception, possible visit from a friend, and Field Day costumes and activities.


[image: Wellesley College seal] SIGILLVM COLLEGII WELLESLEIANI NON MINISTRARI SED MINISTRARE 11 The Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 8 November, 1910. Dearest Mamma,- Your nice long letter came this noon just before I went up to French. I have stopped taking lunches on Tuesdays, because my 11:45 is in Stone Hall and I feel better to come down to lunch. Sometimes we get out early, too, as for instance today when we had a laboratory test. Gym today was one grand mix-up. Everybody was looking for their locker and didn’t know what to do or where to go or anything. Oh I [page 2] forgot to tell you that my gym period has been changed back to Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, so I don’t have to hurry to anything after it. I’m so glad. I got dressed in a hurry and put on my suit, etc. Although I couldn’t get all the buttons connected up right. The work today was only an explanation of what we have to do, and a few simple drills. I think I’ll like it, all except getting dressed in such a terrible hurry. You see as soon as we are through we have to fly in to our clothes and get out, because there is another class at 4:15 who have to use the dressing rooms. Tomorrow afternoon is the Deaus’ reception which I think is quite a dressy affair. I’m going to wear [page 3] my blue silk if the weather is favorable, with my suit coat. Today has seemed like quite an easy day. Last night we went to bed before nine o’clock, which was quite an improvement on all former Mondays. This morning I didn’t go up until Botany, and I sat around here with not very much to do, and even read two stories in Scribner’s! I had a nice long letter from Florence. She has had a dream or something, and begins to doubt again whether she ought to come down Christmas time or not. She says she is afraid people will think she comes to Wellsville too often. I wish you would write [page 4] to Mrs. Van if you have time, and tell her how anxious we are to have florence come down. It might do some good. I hate to go over to the Fergesons, because none of them are ever around, but I suppose I’ll have to. No, we haven’t had any snow yet. Isn’t it queer? I think our weather as a whole has been very good. Today has been rather old, but we hardly notice it, exercising so much. The only thing that bothers me is that my hands get cold, no matter what kind of gloves I wear. The other day when I got to chapel I was simply melting, and yet my hands were cold. I have worn high shoes for some time. [page 5] I am so surprised at the changes in the store. I will hardly know the place, I am afraid. I can’t imagine what to say in a note to Ella, but will try it. How strange that there is no present. If you find out differently let me know. Please don’t work too hard at the house cleaning or my laundry. If there’s any [darning] to be done, the girls here are crazy to do it, because everybody is earning money in every possible way. Nell Beach pressed out my red skirt for me [page 6] yesterday for $.35. She did some for other girls too, and made $1.55 in one streak. Isn’t that great? She wanted money for a memory book I think. Oh - Field Day! I almost forgot it. It came off yesterday morning and was perfectly great. The events took place in the big field back of the gum. Almost everybody wore white; the freshmen with white hockey caps with green bands; the sophomores with big blue neck ruffs and blue in their hair; the junior in pink sunbonnets carrying red toy balloons, and the seniors with yellow ribbons and chrisanthemums [mis-spelling: chrysanthemums]. We marched from [page 7] College Hall over there in a big procession and then sang our songs and cheered until the things commenced. There were hockey, basket-ball, running, tennis etc. 1912 won most of the - our sister class, you know. Some of us Crofton got cold and came home for a while, there went back with more around us. I put on a thing of Esther’s under my sweater. I took several pictures and I hope they’ll be good. We got home the second time just in time for lunch. After lunch we still felt like a holiday so we went down and had a college ice and Esther bought a hat. Its a beautiful black fur one with a red poinsetta [mis-spelling: poinsettia] and it was only [page 8] $5.50. It looks stunning on her too. After that we studied hard until dinner time. As I said, we went to bed early. Well I want to take a bath so must close now. Good night With lots of love Mary P.S. Met a girl today who lives in Cuba. She knows somebody whom Edith knows. Miriam Grove came up today while I was out.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Athletics and Physical Education;Student Life;Tradition and Ritual


Physical education and training; Clothing and dress; Field Day; Stone Hall; College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1910 November 8



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