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Letter to her parents about singing and playing violin with friends, quizzes, classes, shopping, a sermon by Dr. Gifford of Brookline, musical vespers, upcoming Frances MacMillen concert, and requesting permission to buy tickets to see Marcella Sembrich.


3 Norfolk Terrace, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 23 October, 1910. Dearest People,- We have been having some music this afternoon, good music by the way, - solos with violin obligato and solos without. Julia Snow has lots of music with her and we persuaded her to get it out. After she sang for a while, Marjorie Boynton’s sister, who was here for dinner, sang. They both have nice voices. I found my E. string broken when I got out the violin. The weather here certainly has all kinds of effects. It hasn’t been very long since I wrote and nothing special has happened, [page 2] I have been studying as hard as usual, harder if anything, on account of sundry various quizzes which have occurred. Thursday I had one in Botany. I got through before the end of the period so I didn't have to run to the Hygiene lecture. Then in the afternoon it rained and we didn't have the games, so altogether the day wasn't as hard as usual. Friday we had a Math test which was quite hard but I am still alive. Tuesday we are to have one in History and after that I hope there won't be any more. Yesterday I didn't come home to lunch and in the afternoon I went in the library and wrote my English theme. It took me three hours and a half, and now it has to be copied and worked over some. The subject is, “Steps in the Mastery of the English Language.” Last night after supper we went down town and I got me a book bag and one of those rubber hats. We also got some grapes and things for breakfast. This morning we ate in bed and then went to church. The sermon was by Dr. Gifford of Brookline - Tonight there is to be musical vespers. I only hope it don’t rain. We have moved one of our lights; the one over at the closet door. We have connected it with picture wire to the picture molding so that it hangs between and over the two chiffoniers. The light thus is lots better. I am now trying to devise a place to put more books. The numbers keeps increasing while the space does not. [page 3] We are going in tomorrow to hear Macmillen. I have learned that Lembrich is to give a concert next Monday afternoon, and I want to go because it is her only appearance in Boston this season. What do you think? I feel that it is part of my education to hear some good music, and yet I don’t want to spend the money if you don’t like the idea. My balance in the bank now is fifty dollars. I am so sorry about Mr. Gigee. I hope Auntie Lou does not get any worse. It seems to me there is a great deal going on in Wellsville; Entertainment Courses, Ex-Presidents, and Governors-to-be! With lots of love as always. Very lovingly, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Religion and Spirituality;Student Life


Singing; Violin; Preaching; Concerts; MacMillen, Francis, 1885-1973; Sembrich, Marcella, 1858-1935

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her parents, 1910 October 23



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