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Letter to her parents about laundry, a lecture by Miss Pendleton, a Christian Association meeting, and details of her broken towel rack and atomizer.


[image: Wellesley College seal] SIGILLVM COLLEGII WELLESLEIANI NON MINISTRARI SED MINISTRARE Oct 20 Thursday night. Dear Mamma,- Just a few lines to let you know that I’m all right. The laundry came this afternoon and is O.K. Thank you so much for the chestnuts and other edibles. What beautiful apples! I think I'll use one of them tomorrow as I forgot to sign for lunch. Yes, the lunch-room is in operation now. I patronize it every day and get some nice hot cocoa. Yes I forgot the hot water bottle. When I got the laundry all ready to send, I was thinking there was something else that ought to go in, but neither of us could think what it was. If you are in a [page 2] great hurry I’ll send it on. I haven’t had the towel rack fixed up yet. We don’t seem to need it and besides I never think to ask Miss Swift about it. Will try and get it done before Thanksgiving time. As to the width of my bed: the mattress it 32 inches, the springs 33 and the wooden part 34. I don’t know which you mean so send them all. Julia and the little black pig are very cute. I will send my roll of film as soon as I get time to do it up. Was at college today from 8:30 to 5:45. Had a quizz in Botany. Instead of hygiene lecture Miss Pendleton gave us a very good talk: “Don’t worry.” “Make the most of your time.” “Do your best” etc. I went to Christian Association meeting tonight and as a consequence [page 3] expect to flunk tomorrow. We have a quizz in Math for one thing. The meeting was in the Cong. church chapel and let by Dorothy Mills - Subject, “the goal toward which we press”. A general talk about the aim of the association, and individual suggestions. The room holds 90 and was full. Well Esther says I must go to bed so goodnight. We are both about tired out, so Saturday I at least and going to rest up. There is a Barnswallow but I'm not going. Can I can go to bed early if everyone else is away. Lovingly, Mary. P.S. My atomizer leaks; I mean the rubber is cracked and the air comes out. Was [illegible phrase]?


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Student Life;Faculty, Staff and Administrators


Pendleton, Ellen F. (Ellen Fitz), 1864-1936; Lectures and lecturing; Laundry

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1910 October 20



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