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Letter to her mother about her roommate having a Harvard man; her Physical Education classes; and having some issues with laundry, noting that girls are not allowed to wear hats to class.


Oct 12, [1910] Wednesday night. Dear Mamma, It is bedtime but I will write a few minutes to let you know that I am all right. My cold improves daily (I've only used two handkerchiefs today). We have just been to a spread in Erminie Ayer’s room; She had a box in her laundry with fudge cake and candy; it was the best I ever ate. the spread was from 9:30 to 10. Esther had a man tonight and he caused lots of excitement. Use a Harvard Man and she says he gave her a great lecture about politics, suffrage, etc. [page 2] It is not it is quite cold here today. Yesterday was just comfortable. But exercise keeps us warm. We have the heat on for a few minutes each day. Esther came back Monday afternoon and we had a grand reunion. That evening at dinner we sat in our old places at Miss Swift’s table and it seemed lovely. After dinner I help Esther do her French. Yesterday we reported for sports. There were lots of girls there. I am in Division D, and the teacher told us that all in that division have something the matter with them. I wonder what mine is? We played “long bowl” but only for a few minutes. My legs are lame today from wearing gym shoes all day long. English comp. is in working order again and I realize more than ever what piles and piles I have to do. You see there were more freshmen than I expected, so they had to make new divisions and I hire a new teacher. Ours is Miss Hooker from Boston and she seems very nice. I will wash out the bath tub next time but hate to because it makes the wash rag smell so I suppose I can send it to the laundry. Since I wrote you, there have been two drinking glasses put in the bathroom. So you see perhaps I won't have to buy any. The girls aren't wearing hats at all yet so I can't know the Styles. Katherine Pardee told me that we aren't allowed to wear hats to classes [page 3] anyway, so that a good many of the girls never wear hats at all, even in cold ass weather. You may get the gloves if you think I need them, but I haven't had an idea what “silk-lined mocha” is. I haven't heard anything about orchestra yet. I'm waiting for it to be posted. When the laundry comes back, will you please send Vol I of Green’s History, and that Manuscript Catalog I spoke of? The latter is nearly at the bottom of the European collection of my literature. You notice that one of my union suits needs a new string at the top. I can't get any out here I guess. Janet came back from the infirmary yesterday. Today is her birthday and the table tonight was decorated for her and for Columbus. Well must go to bed - Yours with love. Mary. [written in top margin of page 1] Just found that souvenir of the social I was looking for.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Athletics and Physical Education;Dress;Student Life


Physical education and training; Harvard University; Clothing and dress; Hats

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1910 October 12



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