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Letter to her mother describing preparations for Tree Day, an outing with her sister Helen, and her last week of classes at Wellesley.


28 Pomeroy Wellesley 26 May, 1914 Dear Mother: We are right in the thick of our annual hot weather - Here in 28 Pom, we miss the lake breeze and are on the hot side of the house - Esther came in this morning and we sewed costumes until lunch. She is in Tree Day dancing as well as being in the play, so she is kept busy every minute. To-day is her birthday too, and we didn't have time to celebrate. Everyone is working hard to make Tree Day especially fine this year. I do hope lots of people will come. We couldn't get Antoinette White to come so I think I'll ask Mrs. Saunders. [Page 2] I suppose Helen wrote you about our cold and the rest of our jaunt on Sunday. It was very pleasant, only in the country we were nearly eaten alive by mosquitoes. There were plenty of lilac trees, which delighted me much - The view we had from the tower was well worth seeing. Mr. Piper and Mr. Cox seem very nice - the latter I couldn't make out at all. He doesn't seem cut out for a minister. We rode out to Lexington but didn't see much of the country, as it got dark rapidly. I am sadly enjoying this last week of work - only I haven't much work to do. My music lesson yesterday went very well for a wind-up. He seemed quite encouraged about my being able to play [Page 3] the piano someday if I keep at it long enough - I told him I had enjoyed having lessons with him. I had a tiny [illegible: way?] to-day before going to the vill. I tried to see Miss Swift about the rooms, but she wasn't home. What do you think Aunt Ella will probably decide? You see if I have rooms enough, then Helen could stay out here over Sunday. Must go to bed now & be real fresh for a rehearsal to-morrow morning. The play is in only two weeks! With lots of love, Mary


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life;Tradition and Ritual


Theater; Musical instruments--Instruction and study; Festivals; Tree Day; Pomeroy Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1914 May 26



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