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Sunday evening Noanett House Dear Family, I have two letters from Dad and Mother each to answer so I’ll so that immediately. I liked the clippings and the commercial club book. Thank you for the Birthday wishes and for the bill. I certainly didn’t expect any presents, because college is the very biggest and nicest present a girl could have, and I’m enjoying every minute, besides trying to get a lot of profit out of it. I was very much remembered on my birthday-letters from Grandma Rider, Aunt Nellee, the Dawills, Uncle Harry, Naura, and Ge, and money and a pin from “ “ “ “ - also greetings and little remembrances from the people here, [page break] I’d like to spend two or three weeks in Minneapolis. I’ll begin my program with last Monday. Katherine and I went out on the rocks before breakfast. Oh I love the ocean. We sailed for three hours-all morning-a glorious sail-then after lunch we packed up our suitcases, and came home about six. We all had “stand-up” supper down aller[?], as Miss Rusthad[?] senior party upstairs-we had great fun. Tuesday morning I wrote a theme before breakfast-had classes all morning and in the afternoon had crew practice. I went to bed at 7:30, feeling a little tired from a cold, an awoke much better in the morning. I’m all over it now-and feeling perfectly fine. (Mary says training is the best thing I’ve had yet-that I look ten times as well as when I came to college-tanned, fat, etc.) Wednesday I went to chapel, class all morning, a long field trip in botany. In the afternoon we had a crew meeting, then I weeded my garden, and drew my bed. We had step singing from 7 to 7:30, then I studied until 10:00. Thursday I had chapel and classes. We had a fire drill from College Hall. In the afternoon we had crew practice, and were put on the sliding seats-only the second freshmen squad put on slides the first year. Mr. Hall, the coach, said we did so well, that we were put on slides to stay-it’s much easier, and more graceful stroke. We were very happy about it. In the evening we went to c.a.; then I studied until 10:00. Friday I had a Botany quiz and lit lecture.We had a splendid crew practice-I tried stroke oar. We had step singing in the evening for half an hour. My last examination is on Sat. afternoon, June 11. Then Float comes Tuesday night, the 14th, and some[?] time before Sunday come Senior play. Shakespeare play, Garden party, Glee Club, Senior Dancing and reception. Sunday is Baccalaureate Sunday. There is nothing much Monday, and the exercises on Tuesday are just for activities, so Harlie, Eliz. Hart, Jes. Little and I will start for St. Louis on Monday noon, around Tues. night. She’ll either take the Tues night, Wed. morning, or Wed. night train to K.C. arriving Thursday morning, June 23, at the latest. I can stay at Noanett until Wed. the 15th, then Mary and I will board next door- $4.00 apiece-till noon. I can get all packed up and all room furnishings stored between the 11th and 15th. I drew my balance from the bank and have it at home. The fever scare is all over now. Too bad about Grandma Rider-I’ll try to write notes to all the relatives this week-I’m hard pressed for time with lessons a final paper, and crew. As I feel now, I’m not particularly anxious to leave K.C. this summer, but [page break] yesterday Mary and I went to chapel then I had classes. In the afternoon I studied and went to voluntary crew practice. Mr. Hall was very encouraging about Freshman crew. Isabel Hayes came to dinner with me (she has [?Elsies?] job for next year so she’s visiting in the college-a dear!) Afterwards a bunch of us went to the gym for ice cream and cake, then we made calls, and loafed till 10:00. This morning twelve of us took our breakfast by the aqueduct, and then walked up to the pine woods and read all morning. After dinner we chatted, and had callers and made calls. We had supper party-that [page break] is we twelve had supper together, who had been on the breakfast party-then I went to vespers and class prayer meeting with Hartie and Duffi. Tomorrow morning I have a Botany trip to visit a fine estate, then cram the rest of the day. Guess this is all- With love to everybody, Lovingly, Marian.


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