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Wellesley, Mass Sept. 28, 1912 Dear Mother, At last I have time for a respectable letter, and by this late date I have so much to say that I may skip about considerably. I’ll go back to last week in Chicago. I had a lovely time in Evanston on Tuesday, seeing Aunt Nellie and Elsie Ann besides the Daniells- then I reached Buffalo safely Wednesday morning at 7:30 A. M. going on the Michigan Central we passed through Canada, and stopped five minutes at Fall’s [page break] View, so I had a fine chance to see Niagara Falls. May met me in the little automobile - in the pouring rain - and we went up to the house. After breakfast, B.J. went off to her work, and as it was so wet, and I had only low shoes, I stayed in and chatted with Percy and Mrs. Bower. At noon Percy took me downtown in the machine, to where B.J. works-the Children’s Aid Society, and B.J., her chief, and I went to lunch at a big club. Afterwards I went on one of her cases, taking a little boy, whose father had deserted the mother and five little children, out to the Orphan’s Home. There we were taken all through the asylum, and played with the children. After dinner, Percy, B.J., a nice [page break] uncle of theirs and I sang songs, and had funny stories, and later a feed in the kitchen. Mr. Bowen is not strong, so always rests a good deal. Thursday morning I went around with B.J.-she had to go to the police-court (she often brings up her own cases as a lawyer-and of course is known by all the offices of the court) so we were taken around the courtroom, and down to the lock-up, where we saw the man arrested the night before coming up to be tried. Then we went to call on one of B.J.’s probationers-a woman who drinks a lot-she incidentally has five children-so while B.J. went next door to look after another deserted wife I chatted with Mr. Feeney (the probationer) on the subject of [page break] bringing up children, etc. B.J. and I had a nice lunch at a tea room, then went back to the office, when I heard some more cases-a woman whose husband had kidnapped her daughter to sell her into white slavery, and a little boy whose aunt had turned him out on the streets to sleep-pleasant for a civilized country! It was a good experience, I think, for me to see some of the realities of cold hard life, just before coming back to these sheltered academic halls, for I’ll appreciate them more. In the afternoon, Mr. B. Beulah, and I had tea at the country club, and then just visited until 9:50 P.M. when B.J. and Percy took me to the train. Percy took me out through the gates and put me on another sleeper, and we were so amused to be taken twice for a bride [page break] and groom. I asked Percy to the Senior prom, and he thinks perhaps he can come. He’s now in with his father in law and real estate. I discovered lots of Wellesley girls on the train next morning, among them Doc, so we had a jolly time until we reached well about 11:15. I stopped in the Vill, joyously receiving with everyone I met, and then came up to Norumbega where Katie and K.D. were already settled. I found of course all my furnishings here, but no sign of trunks or laundry. After lunch, a crowd of us went over to pay our bills, register, and get caps and gowns. Then in the midst of settling I received about twenty callers, among them Marian Blakeslee. She didn’t pass her exam, but is staying anyway-in at Mrs. Reardons, [page break] Elsa Bradley is where Linda was last year. Kim and Tom passed everything, but there are too many sophomores to get on campus, so Linda, with her good friend [?] [?], and few other sophs are living on Abbot St. The rest of the crowd are at Shafer-Tommy, the Western, etc. Katie passed both semesters of history, and so did Jane F., but she isn’t at all strong, and would have to live in the Vill, so she decided to go home. The family received Friday evening-we had a feud in here as I was the most picked-up. Mary H. and Mary E. were all settled on 4th floor C.H., next to each other. Saturday morning my laundry box and little trunk from [?] arrived so I unpacked some more, went downtown for a [page break] shampoo and made freshman calls, in the afternoon Mildred Brooks and Alberta Peltz came to see me, and in the evening was C.A. reception. I went down for my freshman, to find she had gone home over Saturday without letting me know, so I came up and played around with lots of people. Marney Stowman and D.O. Applegate (both 1912 you know) were there, so I took them for my freshman, and we had a jolly time. M.W.H. and M.E.C. were both fine in their speeches, and looked stunning in their new train dresses. (K.P has a white train dress for initiation, also a pretty new green dress, and a white one for parties, etc.). Mr. and Mrs. H. were up over Sunday to see Mary Hump in her glory, and she was glorious. [page break] Sunday morning the family - that is Mary Moe, Dor, Little Luey, Katie, K.D. and I had breakfast in my room, then went down for prayer, then to church. Being flower Sunday it was beautifully decorated, and the sermon on “God is Love” was fine. Mildred Brooks and I had dinner at the Inn, as we could have no outside guests at [?]., and then I called on some freshmen. We had vespers at the house, which K.D. led beautifully. We decided on a short settled program-certain hymn, scripture, prayer, chosen hymn, certain hymn-then reading. Ii read an allegory by Oscar Wilde, “The Young King.” After supper some of us were too tired to go to vespers, so we all stayed by the fire until the other girls came back, and then [page break] K.D. read us a letter to the 1913ers from Nell. Monday morning I got my schedule card. My schedule is fine being 9:55 every morning-6 days, and 1:30 on Mon, Wed, Fri, and Seminar Thursday afternoon. My art class comes in the Art building just across the road from here. I like all my instructors, and though each course is going to be fascinating, as well as closely related to each other. The Art, Philosophy, and Literature [page break] will just hum together with all my classes. All senior classes are loads of people I know-M Phil and Min Calkins are among others-Penyia[?], Eve Weller, Katie F., Marie Collins, Elsa Roober[?], Marian Bradley, Ben Scuddler, Mary Bund, etc.-about 40 of us. In Pedagogy-we have a fine Professor Norton from Harvard with a lovely sense of humor-about 60 in the class. In Art 13, Miss Brown-Mary Hung, Boynton, P[?]ngra-about 25 of us. and in the seminar, which meets for 2 ½ hours at Sherwoods are 9 students, 1 grad and many, Mary Hung, Mary Colt, Margaret Reed, Louise Epp[?]ich, Grace Ruell, Gerry Howarth, P[?]isa Helt and I. I went after my trunk Monday and after paying $4.50 [?] I got it up in the [page break] afternoon-everything in good condition. Now I’m all settled-and always at home-I think I’ve had more company than anyone else in the house-people just dropping in from outside or inside the house. Eve Wells said this room was the nicest and prettiest room in the college so I’ll tell you how I have it-it’s south exposure, with this big window and a huge closet. [page break] [drawing of room and here on original letter] I have the new curtains up, and then over draperies look clean and pretty so I’m keeping them up. They spread out, so the narrow part nearly touches at the top-them. [drawing of curtains in original letter] Then I have this blue rug, and the blue blotter on my desk. I rented the same of[?] lamp I had last year, and book rack to match my desk. Then I have a pretty polished brown bookcase, desk chair and chiffonier to match, which came with the room. Over my couch-window side is the big picture of [grammy?], and over the head of the bed three plates. Over my desk is the family, and the Agora[?] bench, to the right the house, and left the Head of Christ over [page break] bookcase to the north I have that blue Japanese[?] towel, and the wall is yellow. Right over the bookcase is a picture by Maxfield Parish which I rented it-a boat with a big yellow sail, and stormy blue water and sky. It tones in exquisitely with the yellow wall and and blue cover-then on the bookcase I have just a low bracket, little blue vase, and in the center the little ivory clock. Over my other bookcase, where I have true silver framed picture to light up the dark corner in another Maxfield Parish marble steps leading up to a columned temple with sunlight streaming on the steps. Then on the wall over the [?] [13] are the two children’s pictures I had last year. So you see I have a very pretty room-and very comfortable one-with light in daytime over my left shoulder, and lamp at night. There’s a big shelf in one end of the closet where my hats are, and in the Wash...d[?] I keep shoes, cotton, medicine, etc. I have all my “heavy” wraps and suits hanging up, mycrashdresses[?] and extra underwear in the dress box, heavy underwear and pin pieces in the little box, the the five drawers of my chiffonier-little things, underwear, shirtwaists, good dresses (silks, etc.), petticoats. So you see I’m well fixed. The laundry box was so battered up I couldn’t sent it. Please sew in the collar [page break] bone holders in the necks of the high waists-they seem to come loose easily. To go back to Monday-it was such fun to get the cap and gown notes of congratulation-I have over twenty from different college girls-which I’ll show you next summer. I’m hoping to start answering them Friday-as I’ve written nothing since I’ve been here except “bread and butter” notes to Naples, Chicago, and Buffalo. Monday afternoon I settled, received numerous callers, studied a little, and in the evening we had our cap and gown parade through all the halls of the house, beginning up the attic. I guess you know most of the 18 seniors- [page break] on this floor-E. Boynton, J. Parish, M. Mason, M. Burdett, C. Buell, K. Duffield, M. McDermott, K. Fanning, H. Ruthoen (and 2 senior friends of hers in the [?]-M. Hartman, and M. Adams), and on 2nd floor Pingoa[?], E. Stralten, M. Bradley, M. Reed, B.Scudder, and on 1st, Grace Squires (got summer charge 28 here). We sang our class song as we marched up and down the halls then cheered when we got downstairs. Tuesday morning-Cap and Gown Day. We all wore caps and gowns to chapel-and very pretty and serious and grown up everyone looked too with the severe high white collar, and white dresses, the black gowns and caps with bobbing tassels over the left eye. They are becoming [?] almost every [?] [page break] and make us all look older. We marched into chapel two by two, led by Mary Hump and Mary Eliza and marshalled by Mary Colt and Helen Brant (Sr. Pres. and Vice Pres.). The whole audience stood, and the class song was played on the organ as we marched in. Miss Pendelton formally opened the college year, giving a special word and welcome to the freshmen, then, looking down at us with the most inspiring face, she entrusted the leadership of the college to the oldest of the classes for this year, and wished us God speed. I tell you, there wasn’t a girl there that didn’t sit straighter with the consciousness of responsibility, at the same time [page break] having a sad premonition in her heart that the happy thirty-four weeks of Senior year would fly by all too quickly. I went to 9:55 class on Tuesday, then Elsa Bradley and a freshman friend of hers came over to see me until lunch time. I studied a little, Emily Goding, 1911, came in for quite a little visit, after dinner we had a house meeting. and elected Edith Stratler President, and K. Fanning Vice Pres. Later we Seniors had a meeting to plan for a house party, and then I went to a junior [?] party. Wednesday I took Emily Goding to chapel, class, visited some more with Emily, had lunch in the Vill, with Mary Mec., callers in the [page break] afternoon, after art class at 1:30, Stu. G. Meeting at 4:15 at which Mary Hump presided wonderfully, we all wore our cap and gowns and sat up front-we wear them every day while the weather is good. [?] evening Miss Pendleton lead C.A., then we had a business and social meeting. at the house. Thursday I went to the infirmary-I’d had a cold and sore throat for a day or so-found I had a kind of laryngitis-could hardly talk-and my voice is just coming back now. I got fixed up by Dr. R., went to chapel, class, to Boston for my pink slippers, chiro [?], and I got out in time for Miss Sherwood’s Seminar which lasted until dinner time, and [page break] went to our Wholly Roller supper agow[?] M. Newton and I Noyes 1911, and Dot Harmi[?], Harmi Devan, Katie Faning, Louise Crawford, Bunny Willow,Glad Soulie [?], Happy Davis, Marian Hale, and I. Friday I went up to the Simpson again to have my throat[?] painted, then to class in morning and afternoon. Dr. Raymond had me stay indoors all the time possible, so I had to miss the camp supper our last year family gave at the “Pit” for Miss Buell and her sister. Instead K.D., Grace, Louise, R. and I, being tired, had supper upstairs in the evening and had callers all evening, among them H[arne?] Devon and Jimmy Gardner. The Society Presidents [page break] heard last night of the new members, and we society people hear at Vespers tomorrow, then the girls next Tuesday morning. Of course K.D. is nearly popping to tell me, but can’t. Loads of juniors we know are eligible-like Grace, Louise, Constance, and again, Janet Ad[?], Jenny, Marge Kendall, E. Fanning, etc. and among the seniors Doc Nanon[?], Joe [?], Harne [?] Devan, Bunny William, etc. I’ll write you our new members [?] -invitations come next Saturday night. This morning our tables were p[?]slid and some of the people are as follows-Miss Hawes’ opp.-Marian Bradley (I [?] arrived her all this week-so she had a chance to be reminded of me). E. Boynton is Miss Buell’s, Pi[?]sa is Miss Edwards, Mary Burdette, [page break] Miss Roberts, and Katie F. and Edith Stratler have the student talk. I’m at Miss Robert’s table, also C. Rosa, A. Shard, R. Knowles, Bern Scudder, I. Morse, K.D., Mary More, Little Lucy Connie Buell are at Miss Edwards. Doc and Grace C. is at E. Straltons, and M. Reed and Louise Russell at Miss Buell’s. I went to chapel and class this morning-and am staying in again today to rest my voice. Will study tonight, and tomorrow we have 1913 breakfast at a[?]gore, and vespers and supper in the evening. About the money, I have on hand-[?] gave me $35-20 for trip, 5 for slippers, 5 for excess baggage, and 5 extra because the check was made that way, she said [page break] she’d tell you, and you could refund the $5 to her. Then I have the $245 which I paid in for tuition, and the check for $15 of which I paid 13.25 for the cap and gown. I paid 4.50 for excess, and will pay 6.50 for the slippers-Livi[?] bought most of my books, furnishings, etc., trip ticket, medicine paper, and now have on hand $20. Out of that will come $6 for shoes, and two more books, and present and flowers for ...sponse[?]. - and incidentals - and I think that’s all. I should think that $10 on October 1st would be more than enough. Oh yes-do you remember those middies I got at Gordon & Koppels or E.B. Thayers, with the V shaped affairs for the neck, and the long sleeves with the bands of white on the cuffs? I have two of them. May Rendall would like 2 of them-her arm length is 21 in., and bust size is 36, and as long in the waist as possible. I should think about the same size I get. If you could buy 2, according to the measurements, and send them in my laundry, she can pay me. Ward Cook called up just now-wants to come out soon. It will be good to see a K.C. face. I’ll send along the pictures of the family and of the house-[?] some time soon. I’d like to see Homer Berger if he ever wants to come out. You tell Miss C. I’m crazy for a picture of the two babies-I intend to unite with them soon. My love to the Halls, Bodins, and Audry’s. If HLB has not left before you get there, tell her to be sure to write me her address, and to some and see me. I’m glad you found a hat you liked-my new clothes certainly are stunning; I wish you could see my pink party dress. I’m glad you could see Uncle Willis-I wish I could! I’ll have to get weighted soon-I think I’m about 110-108-112 anyway. i think it will be a good idea for you to go to Naples. I hope you can send some food in the laundry. If you have time for house cooking always looks good. I must get this note to the mailbox now-I guess there will be enough news to last a little while-I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner. All in all-it looks like a glorious Senior year-with the dandy housefull here-and especially the “corking” family, with all the joys of [?]agore, and running[?] it (the addition will be finished by Dec.1), and the dandy work and w[?]ei faculty. With lots of love to you all, Your loving daughter, Marian.


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