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23 Eliot Wellesley Sept 21, 1913 Dear Mama, Papa helped me get my trunk unpacked and put it out in the hall ready for the trunk room. After my things were put away I dressed for dinner at 6:15. Friday is fish day, Saturday, beans and Sunday yet unknown. Saturday morning I went up to College Hall with Fay Hall and got my solid [?]. and then over to the gym for my suit. When we came back I went down to the village for a waste basket and a much needed soap-dish. In the afternoon I got my gym shoes, as the man was not there in the morning. They are the most hideous things I ever set eyes on. [hand drawing of shoes here] Then the girl in 24, from Kentucky, asked me to go the library with her and by the time we got home it was almost time to dress. Before I forget it I want to speak of an incident which happened [page break] in the chapel Sat. morning. The Freshies have the left transept and during the reading of the scripture a little black and tan dog promenaded up and down the isle beside me. When we got up to sing, the sexton kindly showed him the way out. I went over to see Flora Lindsey Friday P.M. and she came back with me and made quite a little call. I saw the “Webb” girl in chapel and asked her to come and see me here. She has moved to another house. Natalie Evans has changed rooms, now having 40 Noanett. Well, to go back to the last evening, a junior left a note on my desk in the afternoon saying that she would call for me at 7:15 so I put on my “bath towel” shirt and Irish crochet waist and raincoat over that. Her name is Helen McCoy, Nebraska. Nearly every student in the college was there. Our escorts [page break] had score cards and everybody that we met shook hands with us, swapped cards, putting their own name down and that of their Freshie. C[?]alma Howes’ name is down on mine and Flora Lindsey. I don’t know any of the others but if I keep it I may come to know them. Miss Penelton (How do you spell her name?) made a speech from the stairs and the president of the senior class and student gov. and Christian Association. They all welcomed 1917 to the heritage of Wellesley and hoped that we would make our class the best ever. Then they sang class songs “Under the Oaks of Old Wellesley,” “Where are the Verdant Freshman?,” “Alma Mater,” and then closed with W-E-L-L-E-S-L-E-Y Wellesley. Orange punch was all the refreshment we got and lots of punching to get even that. Our house senior, who lives in 22, escorted us home at 9:45. The house closes at that time and lights in the corridors go out at 10. [page break] We all went up to chapel this morning at 11 o’clock. The minister was from New York and preached on the text “God is Love.” We had dinner at 1 o’clock with chicken and ice cream. The food here is very good only I wish they wouldn’t serve onions and tomatoes so often. After dinner we all came up in the living room and they served coffee. Then some of the girls sang and one of the house seniors played. From 3 o’clock to 5:30 is quite hour. After breakfast this morning we gathered in the living room and had family prayers, and sang hymns until 9:30.


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